Tech Entrepreneur Jason Palmer Shakes Up Politics, Beats Biden in American Samoa

In an unexpected turn of events, Democratic presidential candidate Jason Palmer secured a surprising victory over President Joe Biden in the American Samoa caucus, disrupting Biden’s potential clean sweep of Super Tuesday primaries.

Virtual Success: Palmer’s Win Despite Never Traveling to American Samoa

Palmer, a tech education entrepreneur from Baltimore, achieved his remarkable win by engaging with voters virtually, revealing in a CNN interview that he never physically traveled to the South Pacific island.

The 52-year-old triumphed over Biden by 11 votes in the 91-person election.

Palmer’s Post-Win Plans: Advocacy, Border Tour, and Encouraging Biden’s Exit

Following his victory, Palmer expressed his intention to stay in the race, focusing on Arizona’s upcoming primary.

He also revealed plans to tour the border and urged President Biden, 81, to step down and pass the torch to the younger generation.

Virtual Campaigning and Listener Engagement: Palmer’s Strategy Unveiled

Palmer disclosed his campaign strategy, emphasizing the challenges of breaking through as a new candidate.

Despite not physically being in American Samoa, he virtually conducted town halls, listening to concerns and sharing ideas on education, healthcare, and climate change.

Calls for Biden’s Consideration: Palmer Suggests Transition for a New Era

Respectfully recommending that President Biden consider stepping down, Palmer highlighted the importance of passing the torch to a new generation of leaders within the Democratic Party.

He emphasized the need for a clear, positive agenda to win the November elections.

Continued Campaign: Palmer’s Focus on Energizing Young Voters

Palmer reiterated his commitment to energizing young voters and expanding support from both the center-left and center-right.

He emphasized the necessity of a clear and positive agenda, urging Democrats to campaign vigorously to avoid a potential loss in the upcoming elections.

Next Steps: Palmer’s Border Crisis Solutions and Arizona Campaign

Looking ahead, Palmer outlined his plans for addressing the border crisis, promising to release a 12-page white paper.

He emphasized hiring more immigration judges and shared his enthusiasm for campaigning in Arizona, showcasing a path forward on immigration to the American people.