Tech Entrepreneur Daniel Korski Proposes Tourist Tax and Pay-per-Mile Road Charges in London Mayoral Race

Tech Entrepreneur Daniel Korski Proposes Tourist Tax and Pay-per-Mile Road Charges in London Mayoral Race

...By Jack Sylva for TDPel Media.

Daniel Korski, a tech entrepreneur and former deputy head of policy in Downing Street under David Cameron, has entered the race to become the Conservative Party candidate for the London mayoral election.


Frustrated with rising crime, traffic congestion, and strikes on the Tube, Korski believes it is time for a fresh approach to challenge incumbent mayor Sadiq Khan.

Alongside Korski, other potential candidates, including Minister for London Paul Scully, have emerged, intensifying speculation about the upcoming election.

Proposals for a Tourist Tax and Alternative Road Charges

Korski has put forward two notable proposals aimed at addressing pressing issues in London.

Firstly, he suggests imposing a small levy on hotel rooms, commonly referred to as a tourist tax, to generate additional funding for the Metropolitan police.

This idea aligns with a suggestion made by the London Finance Commission, an expert body established by Khan in 2016.

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Korski believes that such a tax, adding £1 or £2 to hotel bills, would not deter tourists from choosing London as their destination.


Secondly, Korski opposes the planned expansion of the Ultra Low Emission Zone (Ulez) and advocates for implementing “smart” road user charges instead.

He argues that the use of advanced technology would enable the efficient tracking and charging of the most polluting vehicle journeys.

Korski emphasizes the need for a greener and more livable city, but suggests exploring different technological solutions rather than solely relying on Ulez expansion.

An Outsider’s Perspective for Solving London’s Problems

Korski’s candidacy emphasizes the importance of an outside approach to tackle the city’s persistent issues.

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He rejects the notion of following a familiar pattern and calls for innovative strategies to address London’s challenges.

Korski, who has experienced the benefits of living in London since moving to the country in 1997, acknowledges that the London dream is becoming increasingly unattainable for many individuals.

He believes that education, job opportunities, and affordable housing should be accessible to all, aiming to restore the London dream.

Reactions and Endorsements

Science minister George Freeman has expressed his support for Korski, highlighting his understanding of the conditions necessary for innovation and community building.


Other potential candidates in the Conservative Party include London Assembly members Susan Hall, Andrew Boff, and Nick Rogers, as well as Samuel Kasumu, a former aide to Boris Johnson.

In response, Sadiq Khan has commented on the number of Tories running for the candidacy, expressing his well wishes for their endeavors.

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Analysis: Addressing Key Concerns and Offering Fresh Perspectives

Daniel Korski’s entry into the Conservative Party’s mayoral race brings forward innovative proposals to tackle crime, traffic congestion, and environmental concerns.

His suggestion of a tourist tax aims to support the Metropolitan police, while his alternative road charging concept seeks to prioritize technological advancements for a greener city.

Korski’s emphasis on an outsider’s perspective reflects the growing need for fresh ideas to address the evolving challenges faced by London.

As the race progresses, it remains to be seen how these proposals will resonate with voters and shape the political discourse surrounding the upcoming mayoral election.


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