7 Hacks To Keep Your Strapless Ball Gown From Falling

A strapless gown is a perfect choice to have your Cinderella moment. Whether it’s prom, wedding, or any other evening gala, adorning the *one* can help you elevate your statement and be Belle of the ball.


If you’re planning to invest in a strapless ball gown for sale this year, you’re in luck. The style is all the rage in 2022. But wait, do you fear indecent exposure or the slip? Don’t worry; we’ve got the scoop from experts on how to ensure you aren’t tugging up your ball gown all night long.


Here’s what you should do!

  • Get The Right Fit


The most important aspect of the ball gown is the fit, of course. You have to make sure that the gown you buy online should match your measurements.


In case your gown is slightly loose, get it altered by a professional seamstress. Great alternation can even make an affordable ball gown look luxurious. Moreover, it will help your strapless neckline stay in one place.

  • Choose Your Strapless Dress With Boning


A tube gown doesn’t offer much support, but the one with the bit of boning in the bodice sure does. 


Ball gowns with boning are more structured, just like classic corsets. As a result, you don’t have to stress over your gown slipping down.

  • Wear The Right Undergarments


The secret to pulling off the strapless style is the right bra. Strapless bra, corsets, longline bustier, or Spanx – will offer desired support to your ball gown and prevent any peekaboo moment.


For your strapless silhouettes, your bra should be really snug. With the beautiful tulle ball gown and a strapless bra that fits like a glove, you’re sure to make a statement.

  • Don’t Hesitate To Add Straps.


Dancing in a strapless gown is pretty dicey. If you are scared about your strapless ball gown falling down during dancing, the matching lace straps can save your bacon. Not only will they provide desired support to your neckline but also add a hint of uniqueness to your overall look.


But consider this option only for the dance floor. Otherwise, what’s the point of adorning a strapless gown when you can’t flaunt your sexy décolletage?

  • Rubber Strip Is Your Answer


Luckily for you, some strapless gowns and dresses have a thin silicone rubber strip that lines the top seam. Benefit? This keeps the bodice adhered to your skin; as a result, your strapless gown is less likely to slip. 


There’s nothing more magical than seeing a woman dolling up in a princess-style strapless ball gown and flaunting it with confidence. 


  • Use Sticky Tape


Maybe you have bought a ball gown at a discount that doesn’t have the thin rubber strip. Fret not; you can use the fashion tape, instead. Apply two strips at the front of your gown for the right fix.


A fashion tape won’t ruin your gown, but it will save you from wardrobe malfunction, especially if the strapless neckline isn’t clung to your skin. 

  • Pin It Up


One of the simplest tricks that is bound to work is using safety pins. When you neither have access to fashion tape nor want to add lace straps to your gown, a few safety pins work like wonder. It’s a quick fix, after all!


Just be sure to pin from the inside of the gown. You should not let your beholders’ eyes be drawn to the shiny silver safety pin. 


The End?


There is no more beautiful feeling in the world than dolling up in a strapless ball gown without tugging on it consistently. And, now that you know how to make it happen, wait no more and seize on your dream ball gown that speaks volumes for you.


7 Hacks To Keep Your Strapless Ball Gown From Falling Thank You