Affordable Household Decorating Hacks

Affordable Household Decorating Hacks

There’s no better time for making home decor improvements than the start of a new year. But with everyone feeling the pinch, many of us have simply given up hope of making our homes nicer in 2023. In fact, the cost of living crisis isn’t just affecting South Africans, it’s being felt all across the world, having a big impact on everyday lives. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to save money on your home decor, from self-made art to upcycling, or adding foliage to your favourite spaces. So don’t let another year of rising bills and watching the pennies stop you from creating a better home aesthetic. Check out our low-cost home decor hacks.

Create your own artwork

There’s no need to source overpriced prints or even original pieces of art, as there’s plenty of other ways to lift your walls. For example, a child’s bedroom or playroom can be adorned with a framed page from a beloved picture book. If you have any patterned wallpaper leftover, perhaps from a design that you simply adored, just cut it to size, frame it and place it in a room that has plain walls. Children’s paintings are also a great shout, and they can really add a playful touch to bathrooms, hallways, and kitchens. Old photos are yet another great way to update your walls. It’s cheaper than ever to order digital photo prints online, and many companies can even improve the look of older photos too. Or, have a go yourself, even if you’re not the most gifted artist in the world, just try something abstract and see what happens.

Soft furnishing reboot

So, there’s not enough money for a new sofa or armchair…but never fear! You can simply update your existing seating with washable covers. Consider adding some new cushions and throws too. This will instantly refresh your living room for around a tenth of the price of new furniture. A new rug is another option, but even this can be costly. However, there’s nothing like good rug clean to give it your old one a new lease of life. 

Furniture upcycling

You don’t need an art degree to successfully upcycle furniture, and that’s because it’s far easier than you realise. If you have an old wooden piece of furniture that’s past it’s best (chair, table, bookshelf), simply sand it down, fill any holes with filler and then paint it a colour of your choice. Sometimes just a new varnish or a set of knobs is enough to completely transform an old piece of furniture. 

Switch things round

The easiest and cheapest way to freshen up a tired room is to change the furniture around. If you didn’t do it the first time round, why not consult the ancient art of feng shui, it’s amazing how much difference it makes to the flow of a room. Key takeaways from feng shui include decluttering your hallway and ensuring there is space on either side of your bed.

Go Green

One of the fastest, most affordable, and healthiest ways to improve the look and feel of a room is by adding plants. Many indoor plants can be purchased for less than 300R. Top budget buys include a Chinese money plant, or a stunning ‘string of turtles’ plant, as well as gorgeous succulents that are low in maintenance too. Place your plants in highly visible places so they make a statement when people enter the room. Proven to improve your mood and even the quality of the air in your home, this cheap decor tip is about more than simple aesthetics. You don’t even need to buy new plant pots. Simply fix up your old, cracked and broken pots using super glue, paint, and varnish.

As you can see, it’s possible to make significant changes to the look of your home without spending more than the price of a meal out. Rather than undergo huge decorating jobs, simply update rooms with plants and soft furnishings, or consider moving your furniture around. Create your own artwork or try out a spot of furniture upcycling. These low-cost tips can help you transform the home, just in time for a bright new year. 

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