9 best growth hacks for getting Instagram followers quickly

9 best growth hacks for getting Instagram followers quickly

With over 1 billion active users, Instagram is getting more popular day by day and becoming one of the most influential and empowered online marketing tools.

Instagram businesses have always been dependent on advertisement and marketing and almost 70% of their products and activities are required to be displayed on social media. This fact makes Instagram a very crucial part of their success. It is the platform that connects millions of brands with them to achieve their goals daily. It is behind the success stories of a lot of businesses and has successfully conveyed them around the world. It is very important to know the tricks that help brands get famous quickly on Instagram.

In this article, we are going to explore the ways through which we can create a perfect growth plan to attract followers

Like photos in your niche:

It is a very effective hack for getting popularity on Instagram. A number of influencers have said that in their beginning days they used to spend a lot of time checking others’ profiles in their niche, scrolling their posts, liking them, and commenting on them. Although this is a time taking process it has benefitted them a lot. It not only made them recognized among people in the niche but also built their connections with their audiences hence, earned them followers as well. So, when you are spending your time in someone else’s account while going through their post and content you are actually doing a very important assessment of your own brand’s content strategy.

Create a theme for your posts:

As we all know that brand identity plays a very influential role in developing a consistent image in the eyes of the audience. Anything you want to show on social media make sure consistency is included in it as a key ingredient. It generates a powerful image of your brand in the eyes of the customers. Once a theme of your post is created it becomes very easy for you to implement your content calendar saving you the time which is required on creating the template every time for your posts. Also, it is one of the effective ways to reinforce your brand image and perception through your posts on Instagram.


Socializing is another key component of getting popular on Instagram. The more you are into it, the more you are likely to get followed by people. If you are having a brand, it is very important to communicate it to others. When you have a huge interaction with people on Instagram it builds a powerful impact on the popularity and audience of your brand.

Encourage your audience to take action

This is one of the most effective ways to drive traffic on your Instagram by adding a call-to-action button on the post and stories you upload. It is added to quickly connect the customers with your brand. When they are going through your post or video on Instagram call to action button plays a crucial role in turning your visitors into your customer. They found it very easy to communicate with you to get their desired information. This technique is beneficial for an Instagram contest where you ask your followers to add their email information to your website. So, it helps a lot. Get a Instagram profile downloader for your IG account and make your brand promotion a hassle-free journey.

Use Instagram reels

Reels can also be a very integral part of your brand’s success story on Instagram. Reels allow brands to convey all their basic aspects in a very fun way when it comes to visual content. Video on reel tends to resemble more traditional content that is simply styled to fit the vertical video format. Reels add too much to the popularity and engagement of your profile content. Its main reason is people don’t get tired of watching them over and over.

Identify the Likes and Dislikes of your Audience

Studying and identifying the likes and dislikes of your target audience is unquestionably among the finest things you can do while promoting your company on Instagram. This really helps you to track your performance and make the necessary amendments to your upcoming content. When you analyze your audience, you may learn what kind of material gets the best reactions from them, and what kind of content they don’t want to see, so it really works.

Paid Promotions

Paid promotions are one of the quickest and most productive ways of getting popular. You never know if the money spent on this type of marketing can turn back by getting multiplied several times. When you pay for the promotion of your brand it means you have filtered your brand from millions of Brands. It not only enhances your visibility and reaches but also shows you in suggestion and in feeds. It increases the reach of your brand and enhances its credibility in the eyes of the audience.

Take the help of Instagram influencers

It is believed that Influencer marketing is one of the most dominant marketing tools for businesses and brands and this is a reality somehow. In this era of social media, people are so much obsessed with the lifestyle of celebrities and influencers and they just love to discover which brands the influencers believe in and which products they prefer over others You must choose an influencer whom people love to watch and he or she can communicate your brand voice to your target audience in the best possible way. If you have a more consistent and defined brand voice the more trustworthy audience you tend to win. Hence, the voice, tone, and personality you choose to convey your brand voice to the audience play a vital role in your brand’s success.

Geotag your posts:

By adding geotags to your Instagram post you smartly tag people near your location. In this way whenever they will search for anything relevant to what you are offering, you will be the first preference of the Instagram algorithm for being nearest to them.

Post at the right time

Make sure the timing of your posting schedule is ideal when most of your active Instagram followers are online. Also, make sure you post the content in the heat of the moment when the topic is going on to attract your audience more and more.

Use attractive visuals

Make sure the post visuals are appealing and captivating for the audience. Attractive posts are very important to make the audience double-tap on them.


All of the above-mentioned tips are the best hacks to boost your Instagram engagement quickly. You can encourage more people to interact with your brand by using these tactics in a very short period of time. To be successful on Instagram you must be patient and devote yourself to the quality of the content you are producing you need to take care of all these above-mentioned things and try to avoid minor mistakes when you are uploading something on the behalf of your brand.

Hope you find this article so helpful. If you still have any questions do let me know in the comment below.

Thank you.

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