6 Things to Think About When Choosing Corporate Housing

6 Things to Think About When Choosing Corporate Housing

A corporate furnished rental is ideal for relocation, long-term projects, or short-term trips. When you are traveling for your work, you will find many options for a corporate home or a furnished rental. Consider the following while deciding between your options.


Many business executives choose corporate housing for their corporate travel. Rather than a hotel, corporate housing may give you home comforts while you are away from your house.


Employees that are relocated might use corporate housing as a temporary option. If your job needs you to move to another state, you will need a quick house for yourself and your family.

What Exactly Is “Corporate Housing”?

There are many other names for corporate housing. Some examples include serviced apartments for rent in Boston, temporary flats, and short-term rentals.


Despite offering complete services, the concept of corporate apartments is quite simple.

There’s nothing left to do except move in and enjoy your new home! It’s as simple as putting your bag in the car and then deciding on a moving date.


Relocating for work doesn’t have to be a challenging experience. However, it isn’t that straightforward as well. That’s why you should get familiar with some corporate travel tips.


Learn about corporate housing, relocation fees, and the perks of corporate living. It will help you to evaluate the worth of a job change. Or if you have already agreed to relocate.


There are advantages to staying in a corporate apartment over a hotel in certain areas. There are many corporate housing providers who are offering great features and services.


If you need to travel for work, just type ‘Corporate apartment near me’. It will help you find several excellent housing options. In this way, if you are in LA for business, finding corporate apartments in Los Angeles will be simple for you.


When choosing an apartment like that, you should check all the reviews on the provider’s site. It is the most affordable experience one could ever ask for. However, you have to remember a few points while searching for a corporate housing option.

The Types of Corporate Accommodations Available

  1. Extended Stay

Extended stay accommodations are standard even if you have never moved for work before. Instead of pricing per night, these places offer monthly suite fees.


They are made for business travelers and other long-term guests. Some examples of the usual provisions include a refrigerator, microwave, workstation, and couch.


An extended stay hotel may be the best option for a group of workers on a temporary project or moving for business.


There would be places for them to collaborate along with their own personal space. Extended stay hotels might seem more like a hotel than a home. And it will offer affordable corporate suites.

  1. Furnished Short- Or Long-Term Accommodations


Fully furnished homes are a popular choice for corporate housing as an alternative. It is great for many individuals since it gives them a sense of home even if they only stay a few days.


Living in a short-term corporate apartment is also beneficial because of the numerous choices that will be suited to your needs. So, you save time researching neighborhoods and contacting landlords to schedule showings.


Finding a place to live that’s already furnished is a refreshing change of pace. It could be an excellent alternative to hotels. There are many beautiful and comfortable furnished apartments in Chicago. 


Short-term corporate apartments are one of the preferred choices because they provide more amenities than the usually furnished apartment. But, do note that staying in one does not have to be in a short-term arrangement; it may be a place where you fit in nicely.

Considerations When Selecting a Corporate House

  1. Furnishings

The choice between unfurnished or fully furnished corporate housing is essential. Entirely corporate furnished apartments are the most outstanding alternative for a temporary home.


Consider future appliances, bed linen, silverware, and cookware demand when choosing corporate housing. Also, keep in mind that furnishing your home will cost more in the long run.

  1. Amenities


Amenities are distinct from the furniture. Swimming pools and community facilities are included here. Moreover, other amenities like a backyard, a laundry room, and WiFi can also be included.


As a renter, what amenities are most essential to you to get settled in and relax? Make a prioritized list of the features and facilities that are most important to you.

  1. Location

Do your best to find an apartment for business travelers in a convenient and appealing location. Your desire to be close to work or to vacation spots will affect your decision to rent corporate housing.


If you can’t find one in your desired location, you’re better off staying put. Options for corporate housing in a metropolis or a tourist spot are almost unlimited.

  1. Take a Look at the Service Provider

Check to see whether the provider has a local operations staff. Intermediaries between customers and apartment providers have grown significantly in recent years.


Most of these providers operate their businesses virtually. These kinds of providers may provide additional possibilities. But there might be some significant disadvantages when they don’t have a field facility for the customers.


Another requirement is that the provider has to be a CHPA (Corporate Housing Providers Association) member.


Corporate housing providers are expected to be members of this association. It will prove that they are part of the industry’s governing body.


If they are a member, you can be sure they follow industry norms, standards, and best practices. Ascertain whether or not customers regard them favorably. You have to find the best corporate housing company to have the desired services.

  1. Pricing

The pricing should be reasonable before you sign a contract for corporate housing. Ensure you get your money’s worth by renting a location within your means.


For the money you will spend, you should be able to receive the sort of apartment and all the perks that come with it.


The costs and conditions of rental postings can be seen on many premium rental websites. LA corporate housing has a great site where people can find all the required information.


Determine the area’s typical expenses and if one home is overpriced or underpriced. You don’t want to end up with a property that is too expensive or too cheap!

  1. Terms

Lastly, it’s a good idea to check over the rental agreement. Keep in mind the renewal of your contract, visitations and guests, pets, and other stuff like lawn upkeep. Check to see whether everything is included in the price.


The best solution is a corporate rental with more flexible terms. But it’s up to you to decide whether an apartment fits your budget and criteria.

The Perks of Staying in a Corporate Residence

  1. Less Pay

Renting an apartment for many weeks or months instead of staying in a hotel saves money. It’s possible since you get more room and better facilities.

  1. An Outstanding Level of Client Service

No one denies that renting a house is a challenging endeavor. As a result, excellent customer service is needed to help you when things don’t go as planned. Choosing corporate housing ensures that your firm will get top-notch customer service.

  1. There Are Several Alternatives Available

There are many benefits to corporate housing over regular hotel stays. The best aspect is choosing the ideal corporate accommodation for your company and staff.

  1. Properly Located

Corporate housing is usually meant for companies and their employees, so you won’t have to commute. It implies that when you travel for business, you won’t have to worry about finding a new house or hotel.

  1. Comfortable Stay


You will have all you need for a comfortable stay with corporate housing. For example- kitchen utensils and equipment, coziness, bed linens, technology, towels, and WiFi! Unlike hotels or housing networks, temporary corporate housing offers you a home away from home.


Moving into a modern, luxurious apartment may be a lifetime goal for an individual. You may want to enjoy your surroundings rather than stressing about how to improve them. 


Whatever the length of your stay, a sense of comfort and security is essential. To have all these, you should find decent corporate housing.