Honest Review Of The Brand New Adidas Yeezy Foam Runner Footwear!

The Adidas Yeezy Foam Runners stepped foot in the market as a surprise in June 2020. It was sold out as soon as it landed on the market. However, ever since they were up for sale, they have maintained their popularity amongst the footwear enthusiasts.

This footwear became the talk of the town due to several good reasons. So here is a quick review of these Adidas Yeezy Foam Runners.

Fit Of The Footwear

The Adidas Yeezy foam runner shoes generally fit a little smaller. However, it comes in full sizes only. So if you have a half size, it is best to go up as the footwear has a thick foam layer towards the toe box. And if you have full size, you must stick to your true size. 

When we talk about heel lockdown, these shoes keep your feet exceptionally secure without wearing heel slippage. In addition, your feet won’t slip even when you sweat because of the dimpled material under your feet.

Cushioning Of The Adidas Yeezy Foam Runner

The cushioning of the footwear is excellent. It feels really soft under your feet, as if you have just worn it from the box. We can compare its responsive yet soft cushioning with the excellent Adidas Boost or Nike React. 

Other typical shoes compared with the Adidas Yeezy Foam runner are the Classic Crocs. However, the cushioning of Adidas Yeezy is definitely more comfortable and soft for your foot soles. In addition, wearing this footwear doesn’t feel like you are standing on a platform as it has an average heel height.

Material Of The Yeezys 

There is not much to talk about the material of these runners. It is made of algae-based high-quality foam. These are manufactured in the US with functionally durable and visually appealing foam. 

You can simply remove the scuff with a towel and normal water no matter how roughly you wear them. The best part is that people don’t face issues like wear and tear, dents, or cuts even after wearing them for months. 

Traction Feature 

The shoe’s traction pattern suggests the wavy pattern on the footwear base throughout the flex zones. The traction feature of the runners is not too thick and has quite a significant space between each wave. It makes it perfect footwear for casual wear and is not so much recommended for running purposes, especially when it rains.  

It is surprising to have the traction pattern in an entire foam shoe. The traction makes you feel comfortable and has a complete grip. There are chances of minor traction loss even after regular footwear usage. They are perfect for long-term use.

Final Verdict

Overall, it is quite pleasing to have a pair of Adidas Yeezy Foam Runner footwear. They are something that would grab the viewers’ attention, even if the people are not a big sneaker enthusiast. 

For a retail price of $80, they are doing great in the market. At this price, they are surprisingly very comfortable. It has a soft cushiony sole that molds itself as per your feet’ shape. 

The Yeezy foam runner is both durable and appealing, and as per customer reviews, it lasts much longer than any other 100% authentic foam shoe. In addition, the holes in the shoes make them perfect to wear even in hot climate areas. Another best thing about this is its unique aesthetics.


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