5 Great Ways to Keep Fit After Retirement

5 Great Ways to Keep Fit After Retirement

Retiring from work doesn’t mean that you should retire from exercise too. You may not feel up to running a marathon these days but there are plenty of other things you can do to keep fit post-retirement. Here are five great workout ideas. 


Walking is a terrific way to exercise, and you can move as fast or as slowly as you like depending on how fit you are and what mood you are in. It can be a fantastic social activity too with walking groups set up in many communities that are full of like-minded people who enjoy getting active. There are lots of trails to choose from or you can just walk to the shops and back. Whenever you are moving you are keeping fit. 


Many people retire just so that they can spend more time on the golf course. However, if you have never played before, retirement can be a fantastic time to take up the sport. Not only are you getting a lovely walk across the course but swinging your golf clubs will give you a great upper body workout and the great outdoors is wonderful for your mental health. Another great reason to play golf is that you can bring your buddies and make a day of it. Many golf courses feature a clubhouse where you can get a meal and have a few drinks and a chat. 


Swimming is fantastic if you have joint or muscle problems because the water takes your weight, and you are not putting as much pressure on your body. Many sports clubs and leisure centers have sessions that are especially for retired people, and these tend to be quieter and more relaxed than public sessions. 

Go to the Gym

You don’t have to be a testosterone-filled weightlifter to enjoy going to the gym; it is a great workout for everyone. Whether you want to try out some weights or stick to a cardiovascular workout, the gym staff will be able to devise a program that works for you. The gym is a popular choice for people who have retired as it is incredibly social. Many assisted living facilities such as this Linwood nursing home from Brandywine Living incorporate a gym within their grounds to help the residents stay fit as they get older.


Yoga is a popular activity as it gives your body a great stretch and leaves you feeling relaxed and supple. It strengthens your bones which can help to prevent the onset of osteoporosis, a condition that makes the bones more brittle and more susceptible to breaking. It also helps your sense of balance which can diminish as you get older and can reduce stress. 

Don’t let yourself wind down too much once you have retired or you will find that your body stops working as well as it once did. Keep fitter for longer by taking up one or more of these fabulous fitness ideas. You will feel better for doing it.