Some Effective Ways to Keep Carpets Mould-Free

Some Effective Ways to Keep Carpets Mould-Free

Mould finds your carpet quite a perfect place to live. Suitable conditions like darkness and humidity allow the mould to grow rapidly. Mould is actually a fungus that can negatively affect human health. It also ruins the carpet within a few months. The best thing is to book the carpet cleaning Sydney treatment from a trusted company. But, it is not a permanent solution. The result of professional cleaning would fade away if you don’t take care of a few things. These minor things can play a big role in keeping the mould away from your carpet. Some tips to keep the carpet mould-free are as follows: 

  • Quick Removal of Flood Water 

Whether the carpet has been flooded with rain water, ocean water or sewage water, make it a point to remove it as quickly as possible. It is necessary to remove the water within 72 hours because mould appears in stagnant water. It can badly damage your carpet. You can ask professionals to extract the water and even dry the carpet. Professionals have relevant and powerful tools that help them restore the condition of the carpet. 

  • Avoid Spilling the Liquids on Carpet 

Do you have kids or pets at home? Then, you might be facing the problem of mouldy carpets a lot. Kids spill the glasses of water or even play with water on the carpet. Pet urine also over wets that carpet. You need to stop your kids from playing with water on the floor cover. Also, you need to train your pet to urinate in an assigned place. If you are able to do that, you would find your carpet clean and dry always. Not only carpets but other upholstery products also get wet because of kids and pets. If your upholstery products have already become a hub for germs, hire the specialists for upholstery cleaning Sydney. They would use deep cleaning methods such as steam cleaning and hot water extraction to clean the products. 

  • Control Humidity 

Mould spores, present in the air become active after receiving moisture. If the humidity level in your house remains high, you need to control it. Otherwise, the mould would damage the carpets, sofa covers, etc. The humidity level should not be more than 50%. Beyond this level, the mould grows. Fungus never remains confined to a place. It spreads like fire. To prevent damage, you need to take consider some measures to control the humidity. Firstly, you can place an order for a dehumidifier. This is a modern device that sucks the moisture from a room and keeps it dry. Secondly, ask the experts to check the water pipelines. Water leakages must be fixed because they keep the walls and floor moist. 

  • Sufficient Ventilation and Sunlight 

There should enough space for the air and sunlight to enter a room. Mould grows rapidly in damp and dark conditions. You can keep the windows open on a warm and breezy day for proper sunlight exposure. The heat from sun rays naturally kills the moulds. 

  • Book Mould Control Treatment Regularly

Carpet cleaning companies provide a special service that focuses on the removal of mould from the carpet. The specialists start by vacuuming and then use anti-fungal treatment to kill the mould and its spores. They also sterilise and deodorise the carpets to give the final touch. Hiring the experts immediately after noticing the early signs of mould infestation can provide protection against fungus. 


To increase the life of the carpets and reduce the risk of fungal infections, it is important to book mould removal treatment. But, it is even better to prevent the problem of fungal infestation in the first place. You can follow the tips listed above to keep the carpets shiny and mould-free for years. 


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