Murder Trial: Grandson Decapacitated 100 years Old Grandmother Who battled Dementia.

Tragic Murder Trial in Hamburg: Grandson Accused of Decapitating Dementia-Suffering Grandmother

Details of the Gruesome Crime

In a harrowing murder trial unfolding in Hamburg, a 37-year-old man named Artur B. stands accused of brutally decapitating his 100-year-old grandmother, Amalie G., with an axe while she was seated in her wheelchair. The tragic incident occurred in March when Amalie G. was found lifeless in her apartment in the city of Hamburg. Investigations into the case revealed the shocking details of this horrific crime.

Struggles with Caregiving and Accusations

Artur B., a retired farm worker, had been regularly caring for his grandmother, who was wheelchair-bound and suffering from dementia. Prior to the incident, Artur had sought psychiatric treatment and was prescribed medication for psychological issues, as reported by German outlet Bild. He confided in a psychiatrist, expressing his difficulty in managing the care of his grandmother. However, a relative disclosed to Bild that Artur, a former soldier, had been viewed as the “black sheep” of the family. Amalie had consistently complained about him stealing from her, and she had grown mistrustful of his actions. The relative further explained that Artur struggled with unemployment and financial instability, which had created distance between him and other family members.

The Grisly Attack and Subsequent Arrest

The horrifying details of the crime revealed that Amalie G. had been struck 16 times with the axe as she attempted to defend herself with a cordless vacuum cleaner. The fatal blow severed her spinal cord, leading to her untimely death. Chief Public Prosecutor Liddy Oechtering indicated that the preliminary autopsy results pointed to cervical cord severing as the cause of death, with the murder weapon identified as an axe found at the crime scene. Artur B. was taken into custody after contacting the police himself to report the gruesome act.

Prior Disputes and Tensions

A neighbor of the centenarian victim recounted that she had good contact with Amalie before her tragic demise. Amalie had shared with the neighbor that Artur, her grandson, had previously broken into her apartment through the balcony in an attempt to steal her money. The neighbor also revealed that while Artur did regularly care for his grandmother, their interactions were marked by frequent arguments and disturbances, often audible to others in the vicinity. These disputes and a potential financial disagreement are believed to have escalated on the night of the fatal incident.

Artur B.’s Criminal Record

When questioned by BILD, the public prosecutor disclosed that Artur B. had no prior criminal record. According to information obtained by the Hamburger Abendblatt daily newspaper, Artur’s interactions with the police had been limited to minor offenses, none of which involved acts of violence. Despite this, he now faces the grave charges related to his grandmother’s tragic death.

Upcoming Testimony

The murder trial in Hamburg continues, with Artur B. scheduled to testify before the court on Monday, shedding further light on the events that led to this heart-wrenching crime.

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