Young Woman Rescued After Three Days Trapped in Sochi Basement ‘Dungeon’

In a shocking incident in the Russian resort city of Sochi, a 22-year-old woman found herself trapped for three days in a dark and confined space between the walls of two buildings.

The circumstances leading to her fall, including the number of floors she descended, remain unclear.

Desperate Calls for Help:

The young woman, whose identity remains undisclosed, reportedly fell into the narrow gap, prompting desperate cries for help in the dark and damp enclosure described by authorities as a ‘dungeon.’

Her distress calls went unanswered for three agonizing days.

Rescue Efforts Unveiled:

Authorities and rescue teams were alerted after a local resident heard the woman’s pleas for help behind the wall.

The subsequent rescue operation involved a team using a pneumatic drill and a sledgehammer to dismantle part of the brickwork.

Dramatic footage shows one of the rescuers peering into the darkness before successfully locating the trapped woman.

Emergence from Darkness:

After meticulous efforts, the woman, appearing dust-covered and without shoes, managed to clamber free feet-first.

The rescue team’s actions brought her into the light, marking the end of her terrifying ordeal.

She revealed to her rescuers that she had been calling for help continuously during her three-day entrapment.

Official Statement from Russian Emergency Situations Ministry:

The Russian Emergency Situations Ministry issued a statement providing insights into the incident.

According to their report, the victim fell from the attic of a four-story building in Sochi, ending up wedged between two walls.

The Southern Regional Search and Rescue Team had to carefully dismantle part of the brickwork to access and rescue the trapped woman, who was then handed over to medical professionals.

The successful rescue of the young woman highlights the critical role played by local residents who acted promptly upon hearing her calls for help.

The use of specialized equipment and the expertise of the Southern Regional Search and Rescue Team proved crucial in ensuring her safe extraction from what was described as a harrowing ‘dungeon.’


This harrowing incident serves as a stark reminder of the unpredictable challenges individuals may face, even within the confines of urban spaces.

The resilience of the victim and the effective collaboration of rescue teams and concerned citizens underscore the importance of swift and coordinated responses in emergencies.

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