Pastor Ibiyeomie Proclaims That Receiving Payment for Church Service Hampers Prosperity and Wealth

Pastor Ibiyeomie Proclaims That Receiving Payment for Church Service Hampers Prosperity and Wealth

Pastor David Ibiyeomie’s Bold Assertion on Church Service Payment and Wealth Accumulation

During a recent sermon at Salvation Ministries in Port Harcourt, Pastor David Ibiyeomie delivered a strong message asserting that individuals receiving payment for services rendered in churches will never attain wealth.

Focus on Church Drummers: Pastor Ibiyeomie Targets Those Paid for Their Services

In a viral video capturing the sermon, Pastor Ibiyeomie specifically singled out church drummers, emphasizing that receiving payment for rendering such services is a direct path to poverty.

The Link Between Payment and Poverty: Pastor Ibiyeomie’s Perspective

Pastor Ibiyeomie articulated a belief that the blessing one receives from God can cease when they start earning money for their services in the church.

He argued that those who receive payment will be confined to the level of their remuneration and will never rise above it.

Quoting Scripture: The Pastor’s Theological Basis for the Assertion

Citing a biblical reference, Pastor Ibiyeomie quoted, “Thou shall serve the Lord your God, and He shall bless your bread and water.”

He used this scripture to underscore his message that receiving payment for serving God hinders the flow of divine blessings.

Drummers’ Dilemma: A Specific Example of Financial Stagnation

Pastor Ibiyeomie drew attention to the plight of drummers who receive money from the church, asserting that such individuals never achieve financial prosperity.

According to his perspective, the act of being paid for service disrupts the natural flow of divine blessings that lead to riches.

Impact on Prosperity: Pastor Ibiyeomie’s Warning Echoes Worldwide

With a message aimed at church members globally, Pastor Ibiyeomie’s warning resonates beyond the confines of Salvation Ministries.

His proclamation suggests that those who receive payment for their services in church will find themselves stuck at the level of their compensation, unable to experience financial elevation.

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