Technology and Fishing: How the Links Are Getting Stronger

Technology and Fishing: How the Links Are Getting Stronger

It’s hard to think of a more low-tech pastime than fishing. Or at least, fishing the way it used to be carried out. With technology playing an increasingly large role in fishing these days, it’s becoming high-tech in ways that we could never have imagined in the past.

How Fishing is Becoming Part of Our Virtual Lives

To fully understand the importance of fishing in the modern world, we can start by looking at how this activity has become a big part of many people’s virtual lives. Fishverse is an online fishing ecosystem built on the blockchain that takes angling into the metaverse. Enthusiasts can collect NFTs and enter competitions while feeling part of a large online community.

We can also see fishing mentioned when we look at the best slots welcome bonus offers. That’s because Big Bass Bonanza is listed as one of the popular slots that have interesting bonus rounds. This game is based on a fishing expedition and has a cash collect round where fisherman symbols gather cash prizes.

Reducing the Amount of Bycatch 

While fishing now takes an important place in our entertainment options, technology is also being used in the serious business of making the commercial fishing industry more sustainable and eco-friendly. Commercial fishing can have a serious negative impact on the planet, with habitat damage, overfishing, and the bycatch of vulnerable species among the key concerns to be addressed. 

One of the ways this is happening is through the use of devices created by SafetyNet Technologies. These are cameras and sensors that alert fishing crews to what is happening below the surface of the water. In this way, they can lower the level of bycatch, which is the name given to fish and other sea creatures that are unwittingly captured and thrown back.  This type of technology can help ensure that they stay in the water, as being caught and then thrown back can seriously damage or kill them.  

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Increasing Energy Efficiency in Commercial Fishing

Access to greener materials and techniques has led to recreational fishing becoming more sustainable in recent times. However, there’s still a strong focus on how to improve the commercial fishing industry, which is worth around $150 billion globally each year and is a vital part of the food supply chain around the planet. 

Professor Zigor Uriondo is one of the researchers looking to introduce positive changes in the industry. A member of the University of the Basque Country team in Spain, he is currently involved in the SusTunTech project that’s looking at creative ways to reduce fuel consumption and monitor the effect that fishing fleets have on water temperature, Using smart buoys and satellite trackers, this project aims to provide a 25% increase in energy efficiency for tuna fishing vessels.

By looking at how technology is being used in various projects that are linked to fishing, we can see how the commercial fishing industry is changing for the better while this activity has become a viable online hobby in different ways too.

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