Prominent APC Member Castigates Governor Soludo, Calls Infrastructure in Anambra a Major Failure

Prominent APC Member Castigates Governor Soludo, Calls Infrastructure in Anambra a Major Failure

APC Criticizes Governor Soludo’s Governance, Alleges Broken Promises and Abandoned Manifesto

Obidike Chukwuebuka, a notable member of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and a vocal critic of the APGA-led state government, has launched scathing remarks against Governor Chukwuma Charles Soludo, accusing him of failing to live up to his promises and abandoning key manifesto pledges.

Governor Soludo’s Messiah Persona Fades Away

Chukwuebuka, during a recent interview in Awka, Anambra’s capital, expressed disappointment with Governor Soludo’s governance style, contrasting it with the messianic image the governor projected during his campaign tours.

The APC chieftain lamented the current state of major roads in the state, which, according to him, have deteriorated significantly.

DUBAI-TAIWAN Manifesto Left Unfulfilled

One of the chief criticisms from Chukwuebuka is the alleged abandonment of the highly publicized DUBAI-TAIWAN manifesto, a key component of Soludo’s campaign promises.

The APC member emphasized that this abandonment occurred immediately after Soludo assumed office in March 2023.

Infrastructure Decay and Dangerous Roads

Expressing deep concern over the state of infrastructure, Chukwuebuka highlighted the sorry condition of roads in Anambra, describing them as dangerous traps for motorists.

He specifically pointed out the appalling state of roads leading to and from the significant Nnewi market, emphasizing their potential threat.

Governor Soludo’s Overconfident Attitude and APC’s Restructuring Efforts

Chukwuebuka criticized Soludo’s perceived overconfident attitude, alleging that the governor had not delivered on his promises.

The APC chieftain urged Soludo to reconsider his re-election bid, asserting that his performance had fallen short of expectations.

Additionally, he expressed confidence in the APC’s restructuring efforts to secure dominance in the state, signaling a potential political shift.