‘You just lost your fans’: AKA drags Nelli Tembe into cruel clapback

‘You just lost your fans’: AKA drags Nelli Tembe into cruel clapback

AKA is known for delivering cold, cruel clapbacks to fans…but nothing has compared to his recent attack online.
The Tears Run Dry hitmaker had the Twitter timeline buzzing after he revealed that he had snubbed a music fan who idolised him. But things took a turn for the worst when he dragged his dead ex-girlfriend Nelli Tembe into the discussion.


It all began when AKA took to Twitter to post a DM from a fan who had attempted to get his attention. In the screenshot, the unnamed fan alluded to being disappointed and frustrated at AKA’s rejection. This, after seemingly going out of his way to see him on several occasions
The fan wrote: “I’m done begging you to listen to my beats. I’m done begging you for anything. I came to your birthday [party], I hollered at you and you ignored [me].
“I became an embarrassment after all the sacrifices I took to come through. Why didn’t you just tell me from the beginning that I’m nagging you? All of this is ending today. You will never, ever hear from me asking you for anything. I’m even blocking you.”
AKA posted the message on his social media accounts with the question: “How do I even reply to this text?”.

When tweeps begged the star to give the fan a chance, he clapped back that he was not obligated to.
He tweeted: “Y’all think this game is for everybody. Newsflash. 90% of everybody’s music is [trash emoji]… I had to exchange many numbers before we could even get the CHANCE to be in the same studio as KHULI or KO or Linda … you think you just text me and I’m just gonna put you on my back? You are dreaming. Big time”.


Many tweeps were upset by the way AKA handled the situation and for not being kinder in his response.
“At least you should have told the dude which door to knock on. It’s not all about what you’ve went through, it doesn’t mean everyone has to go the same way you did. In general normalise helping each other.
“Truth is everyone deserves a chance. What the f**k happened to the spirit of Ubuntu? Some of you celebrities are gatekeepers of success. When there’s enough room for everyone”
“This is nothing to brag about here, SA hip hop is probably dead because of selfishness”

But AKA was quickly angered when one follower chastised him for making the message public knowledge. The rapper even referenced Nelli Tembe, who tragically died after jumping off the balcony of a Cape Town hotel last year.
He attempted to justify his words by clapping back: “Y’all told me my next hun needs to sleep with a parachute on her back. Suck it the f**k up”.

AKA’s response triggered more criticism from fans who dragged him for his rude response.
“AKA you acting like kid bro. People that hang around you they should call you to order. You need to respect you position to the community”
“AKA you are about to lose your fans with this nonsense”
“You need a communication adviser…Lookup at the energy you are sending”


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