Tony Forbes Breaks Silence on AKA and Anele Tembe’s Relationship

Nearly a year after the tragic death of South African rapper AKA, whose real name was Kiernan Forbes, the circumstances surrounding his relationship with Anele Tembe continue to be a topic of discussion.

Tony Forbes, AKA’s father, recently shared insights into the complexities of their connection during an interview with Hazel Kotu on her YouTube channel, ‘Within With Hazel.’

Stages of Life and Doubts:

Tony Forbes began by acknowledging that AKA and Anele were at different stages in their lives, hinting at the challenges arising from the age and experience gap between the two.

Expressing a personal viewpoint, Forbes admitted to having reservations about whether the couple was truly compatible, suggesting that their dynamics may not have been conducive to a healthy relationship.

Importantly, he clarified that there was never any doubt about his son’s character or any allegations of violence towards Anele.

Inquest Into Anele Tembe’s Death:

During the interview, Tony Forbes touched upon the ongoing inquest into Anele Tembe’s death, highlighting the sensitivity of the matter and refraining from disclosing confidential details.

The revelations surrounding her tragic passing have sparked various speculations, but Forbes emphasized the importance of considering the full context before forming judgments.

Controversial Videos and Images:

The discussion also delved into controversial videos and images that circulated on social media, showing AKA appearing to break down a door.

Forbes emphasized that these visuals lacked context, as they failed to depict events leading up to or following the incident. He suggested that the public narrative had been one-sided, urging a more comprehensive understanding of the circumstances.

Unreported Incidents:

In a surprising revelation, Tony Forbes mentioned unreported incidents, such as images of Kiernan with bruises under his eye.

He underscored that these aspects of the story had not been adequately covered by the media, potentially contributing to a skewed perception of the events surrounding AKA and Anele’s relationship.


Tony Forbes’s interview sheds light on the complexities and challenges within AKA and Anele Tembe’s relationship.

As discussions and investigations continue, the need for a nuanced understanding of the circumstances becomes increasingly evident, encouraging a more comprehensive and empathetic approach to the narratives surrounding this tragic chapter in South African entertainment history.