Yoga class ‘interrupted’ after police answers to a report…

Yoga Class Mistaken for ‘Mass Killing’

A peaceful yoga class at the Seascape Cafe, located within the North Sea Observatory in Chapel St Leonards, Lincolnshire, had an unexpected interruption when a concerned member of the public reported what they believed to be a ‘mass killing’ due to people lying on the floor. Police officers responded to the call, which they noted was made with ‘good intentions,’ and arrived at the scene during the evening on Wednesday.

Misunderstanding Resolved Peacefully

The incident unfolded at 8:56 pm, triggering a response from local law enforcement. However, upon arrival, the officers found that the individuals in the yoga class were safe and in a state of meditation. The misunderstanding stemmed from an observant passerby who had witnessed people inside the building lying on the floor during their yoga session.

Cafe’s Lighthearted Response

In response to the incident, the Seascape Cafe, where the yoga classes are regularly held, took to their Facebook page to share the unusual turn of events. They clarified that the mistaken report of a ‘mass killing’ had caused a commotion and prompted the police response. The cafe emphasized that they were not affiliated with any unusual groups or organizations and expressed gratitude to the Lincolnshire Police for their prompt response.

Police Confirm Safe Outcome

Lincolnshire Police corroborated the incident, confirming that the call was made due to concerns for the occupants of the North Sea Observatory in Chapel St Leonards. However, their statement assured that everyone at the location was indeed safe and in good health. The misunderstanding, while initially alarming, ended on a positive note, with no harm done to the individuals participating in the yoga class.

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