Former HR Worker Sues Wyoming Hospital Over Alleged Retaliation and Involuntary Commitment Threat

Former HR Worker Takes Legal Action Against Wyoming Hospital

A former human resources worker, Amanda McDade, has filed a lawsuit against a hospital in Wyoming, alleging threats of involuntary commitment after she raised concerns about money management and ethics.

The legal complaint, filed by McDade, outlines a disturbing turn of events that she describes as ‘malevolent’ following her report of alleged unethical behavior within the hospital.

Threat of Involuntary Commitment as Retaliation

The complaint reveals that McDade, while working at Weston County Hospital District, reported concerns of money mismanagement, illegality, and ethics through proper channels and to the hospital’s Board of Trustees.

Instead of addressing the issues, McDade claims the hospital asked her to cover up their errors. Subsequently, she faced retaliation, including a threat of a Title 25 hold, Wyoming’s way of involuntarily committing a mentally ill person.

Allegations of Unethical Request and Hostile Work Environment

According to the lawsuit, McDade reported as a whistleblower, going through the proper channels, but the hospital allegedly asked her to modify records to conceal their actions.

Facing what she deemed an unethical and likely illegal request, McDade refused, leading to a hostile work environment. The document states that McDade was subjected to a series of retaliatory actions that ultimately forced her resignation.

Unusual Appointment and Disturbing Encounter

The legal complaint details a concerning incident on October 14, 2021, when McDade received an unexpected appointment call from her treating physician, Dr. Sara Thurgood, during work hours. Thurgood allegedly wanted to discuss medication concerns, a topic unrelated to professional matters. McDade’s suspicions grew, given her earlier report of unethical behavior within the hospital.

Recorded Conversation and Shocking Revelation

During a subsequent uninvited visit to McDade’s office, Thurgood allegedly disclosed concerns about McDade’s reported behavior to hospital higher-ups. The conversation took a shocking turn when Thurgood suggested the possibility of involuntary commitment. McDade, feeling blindsided, recorded the encounter and left the hospital in shock. Later that day, she submitted her resignation.

Legal Action and Doctor’s Response

McDade filed the lawsuit against the Weston County Hospital District, seeking economic damages and compensation for emotional distress. Dr. Thurgood, responding to the allegations, claimed she was uncomfortable with the hospital’s requests and was unaware of McDade’s concerns. The hospital declined to comment on the ongoing legal matter.

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