Financial Adviser Stephen Rae Jailed for £2.1M Scam Funding Luxury Lifestyle

Deception and Luxury Living:

Stephen Rae, a 63-year-old financial adviser, has been sentenced to seven years in prison for duping 16 individuals out of £2.1 million.

Operating through his Newcastle-based company, Mason Morton Ltd, Rae convinced clients to invest between June 2014 and January 2016, only to utilize the funds for an extravagant lifestyle filled with luxury cars, private jets, and high-end purchases.

Victims’ Crushing Losses:

Rae’s victims, including emergency workers and a teacher, entrusted over £2.3 million to him, believing he was a reliable financial adviser.

However, the harsh reality unfolded when they discovered their hard-earned money had been squandered.

Some lost their entire pensions, leading to devastating consequences such as losing homes and returning to work after retirement.

Sentencing and Judge’s Remarks:

Judge Gavin Doig sentenced Rae to seven years behind bars and imposed a 15-year ban on him serving as a company director.

The judge characterized Rae’s actions as “dreadful,” emphasizing the impact of his lies and deceit on victims, leaving them with an “uncertain and perilous future.”

Rae’s failure to acknowledge the damage he caused further contributed to the severity of the sentence.

Ponzi Scheme Unveiled:

The court heard that Rae operated a ‘Ponzi’ scheme, where early contributors received repayments funded by those who invested later.

Rae’s deceitful tactics included claiming a ‘major financial investment’ secured under a non-disclosure agreement, misleading investors into parting with their money.

As the cash flow diminished, Rae resorted to dismissive responses and obscenities when questioned about financial returns.

Victims Confront Rae:

During the court proceedings, one victim confronted Rae, describing the crime’s devastating impact on her life.

She labeled Rae as “cruel and callous,” expressing profound despair and shame.

Other victims shared stories of shattered futures, lost opportunities, and financial struggles caused by Rae’s fraudulent activities.

Luxury Spending Exposed:

Details emerged of Rae’s extravagant spending, including a £200,000 Aston Martin, luxury trips via private jets, and VIP hospitality packages for football games.

Rae’s personal indulgences, funded by his victims’ money, underscored the stark contrast between their financial losses and his opulent lifestyle.

The sentencing brings some closure to Rae’s victims, highlighting the profound impact of financial fraud on individuals who trusted him.

The court’s decision emphasizes the need for accountability and serves as a reminder of the devastating consequences of deceitful financial practices.

As proceedings under the Proceeds of Crime Act unfold, Rae faces potential loss of assets, providing a measure of justice for those he exploited.