Ryan Garcia’s Account Continues to Share Troubling Posts – Demons, UFOs, and Spiritual Battle Unfold

Amid growing concerns for his wellbeing, boxing sensation Ryan Garcia’s social media account has once again shared a series of disturbing posts, further unsettling the boxing community.

The posts, which follow a video claiming his ‘throat had been slit,’ allege connections to demons, UFOs, and a spiritual battle.

Garcia previously suggested his phone was hacked, but the recent string of bizarre updates has heightened worries about his mental state.

Allegations of Spiritual Battle and UFO Connections

The recent posts from Garcia’s account delve into cryptic themes, including references to ‘demons,’ ‘UFOs,’ and a purported ‘spiritual battle.’

One post reads, ‘ATTENTION TO THOSE WHO SOLD THERE SOUL THERE IS A WAY BACK. YOU CANT SELL YOUR SOUL. YOUR SOUL BELONGS TO GOD. SO WASNT YOURS TO SELL ANYWAY. YOU DIDNT READ THE CONTRACT JUST SIGNED PROBABLY DIDNT CARE.’ Garcia’s account claims to be ‘heavily attacked,’ and he suggests that his revelations are part of a larger plan involving the release of UFO files.

Concerns in the Boxing Community and Call for Bout Cancellation

The boxing community, already on edge due to Garcia’s previous video, is now expressing heightened worries about his recent behavior.

Scheduled to face WBC super-lightweight champion Devin Haney on April 20, Garcia’s erratic posts have led to calls for the upcoming bout to be canceled.

Fellow boxer KSI has suggested that Garcia needs help, while Haney accuses him of ‘playing crazy’ to generate publicity for their fight.

Conflicting Statements and Personal Struggles

Conflicting statements add to the complexity of Garcia’s situation. While some fans claim that his account has been hacked, others express genuine concern for his safety.

Haney dismisses Garcia’s behavior as an act to promote their fight, asserting that the world-title contest is still on track.

Garcia’s father, Henry Garcia, dismissed his son’s actions as trolling but acknowledged underlying issues.

His ex-wife, Andrea Celina, echoes concerns about his wellbeing, hinting at being ‘heavily oppressed.’

Family Struggles and Eddie Hearn’s Worries

Ryan Garcia’s personal life has been tumultuous, marked by a recent divorce from Andrea Celina just days after the birth of their second child.

British promoter Eddie Hearn has also voiced worries about Garcia’s erratic behavior, particularly after controversial antics during a press conference for his upcoming fight with Haney.

As the boxing star navigates both personal and professional challenges, the concerns for his mental health persist within the sports community.

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