Fossil Rim Wildlife Center Celebrates Birth of Thirteen Deadly Black-Footed Cats

The Fossil Rim Wildlife Center in Glen Rose, Texas, celebrates a significant milestone with the birth of thirteen black-footed cats since 2019.

Known for their deadly yet adorable nature, these cats are making a comeback at the wildlife sanctuary.

Breeding Partners and Success

Rhaegal and Morgan, two of the sanctuary’s seven black-footed cats, are currently being trialed as breeding partners.

The goal is to ensure genetic diversity among offspring, with potential alternatives if the pair is not compatible.

Fossil Rim’s dedication to breeding has positioned it as a leading facility for black-footed cat conservation in North America.

Conservation Efforts and Success

Initiating black-footed cat housing in 2014, Fossil Rim aimed to contribute to the Black-Footed Cat Species Survival Plan, a cooperative breeding program. Today, visitors can observe these elusive creatures during behind-the-scenes tours, highlighting the center’s commitment to species preservation.

Formidable Hunters and Conservation Status

Despite their small size, black-footed cats are formidable hunters, surpassing leopards in prey catch rates and defending themselves against larger predators.

However, their species faces vulnerability, with only around 10,000 remaining in the wild. Conservation efforts aim to raise awareness and increase their numbers.

Praise for Conservation Efforts

Veterinary technician Janice Thompson commends Fossil Rim’s breeding program and emphasizes the importance of public support for black-footed cat conservation. The center’s success lies in its dedication to providing privacy and care for these rare and endangered animals.


As black-footed cats thrive at the Fossil Rim Wildlife Center, their resurgence serves as a testament to dedicated conservation efforts.

Through breeding programs and public awareness, the center aims to secure a future for these elusive and vital predators.

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