Cobb County Police Smash Car Window in Dramatic Pool Rescue of Unconscious Driver

In a heart-stopping moment captured on bodycam footage, police in Kennesaw, Georgia, executed a heroic rescue to save an unconscious woman who had driven her car into a swimming pool.

Challenging Rescue Operation

Cobb County Police responded to a distress call at Heritage Park Townhomes on February 22, where they discovered a woman unconscious in her car, submerged in a pool.

The vehicle had crashed onto a pool cover, slowly sinking as cold water seeped in.

Smashing Windows and Swift Action

Facing a critical situation, police had to act swiftly. Bodycam footage shows officers smashing the car window to access the vehicle, and one officer courageously sliding onto the pool cover to pull the unresponsive woman to safety.

Unresponsive Victim Treated Onsite

Upon extraction, the woman remained unresponsive. Concerned residents gathered towels and blankets to warm her up. Despite the rapid response and heroic efforts, the police did not provide additional information about the victim.

Unknown Circumstances and Gated Community Setting

The circumstances leading to the car ending up in the swimming pool remain unclear. The pool area is situated within a gated community, adding complexity to the incident’s location.

Details about the woman’s residency and the duration of her unconscious state before the incident remain unknown.

Heritage Park Townhomes Setting

Heritage Park, a mid-2000s condo community, boasts 153 two-to-four bedroom townhomes with a price range of approximately $300,000 to $400,000.

The incident adds a unique chapter to the history of this tranquil residential setting.


The daring rescue by Cobb County Police serves as a testament to their commitment to public safety. The incident highlights the unpredictability of emergencies and the need for swift and courageous actions in the line of duty.

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