Workers at Civil Aviation Authority Vote Overwhelmingly for Industrial Action

Workers at Civil Aviation Authority Vote Overwhelmingly for Industrial Action

Members of the Prospect union, representing workers at the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), have given a strong mandate for industrial action amid a pay dispute.

The voting results indicate a significant majority in favor of strikes and other forms of industrial action.

The union’s concerns stem from the CAA’s refusal to grant what they consider a “fair” pay raise for the current year.

Poor pay and excessive workload have emerged as significant issues for CAA employees, as highlighted by an internal survey conducted by the Prospect union.

The survey revealed that two out of five workers are contemplating leaving the organization due to these challenges.

This marks the first occasion on which the CAA has seen a ballot for industrial action, underscoring the gravity of the situation.

The voter turnout, which stood at 65%, surpassed the legally required threshold, indicating strong support for taking action.

The specific timing and form of the industrial action will be determined in the coming period.

Mike Clancy, the general secretary of the Prospect union, expressed that more than a decade of pay cuts in real terms has left CAA members with no alternative but to pursue industrial action.

He pointed out that at the outset of the pandemic, workers willingly accepted pay reductions to support the organization’s functioning.

However, this spirit of cooperation has not been reciprocated, resulting in inadequate pay that, in turn, affects recruitment and retention within the CAA.

Clancy emphasized that the CAA’s status as a globally respected aviation regulator is in jeopardy if the employer fails to present a meaningful offer addressing the ongoing cost-of-living challenges.

The situation remains fluid, and the possibility of the CAA avoiding industrial action hinges on the employer’s response and willingness to engage in negotiations.