President Ramaphosa’s Meeting Elicits Emotional Response, Stirring Controversy in Local Community

President Ramaphosa’s Meeting Elicits Emotional Response, Stirring Controversy in Local Community

Amidst a violent uprising in Haiti, over 50 Americans and Canadians find themselves in a perilous situation, urgently seeking evacuation from the turmoil that has led to the closure of airports.

Trapped in Chaos: Port-au-Prince’s Toussaint Louverture International Airport Closed

The situation intensifies as Port-au-Prince’s Toussaint Louverture International Airport remains shuttered, trapping individuals amidst the chaotic and violent upheaval.

Missionary Flights International Receives Frantic Calls

Missionary Flights International, based in Florida, is flooded with frantic calls from expatriates desperate to escape the escalating violence.
Despite the urgency, the airport closures pose significant challenges for any immediate action.

“At this point, the airports are closed, and we are not able to do anything yet. We are just waiting to see when things settle down; it could be next week, but who knows really,” explains Joe Karabensh, president of the non-profit organization.

Americans and Notable Figures Stuck Without Evacuation Plan

Renowned columnist Mitch Albom and other Americans remain stranded in Haiti, left without a clear evacuation plan from US officials despite the escalating conflict being labeled ‘unpredictable and dangerous.’

Prime Minister Resigns Amidst Uprising

Haiti’s long-standing political instability takes a darker turn with a brutal uprising, demanding the resignation of Prime Minister Ariel Henry, 74.

Although Henry announces his resignation, the bloodshed persists, and a power vacuum looms.

Challenges at the Airport: Mobs Surrounding and Attacks on Aircraft

Yvonne Trimble, a US missionary, vividly describes the challenges at the airport, with mobs surrounding it and launching attacks on any aircraft in a misguided belief that it could be carrying the resigned Prime Minister Ariel Henry.

“We’re completely locked down. This is the worst I’ve seen it. It’s total anarchy.”

Stranded Families and Frustrations

Matt Prichard, Chief Operating Officer of a missionary organization, along with his family, including an infant and toddler, are stranded and frustrated. Basic goods are running out, gas is scarce, and the situation becomes increasingly dire for those unable to leave.

Political Crisis Escalates: Gangs Unite, Institutions Attacked

Led by Jimmy ‘Barbecue’ Cherizier, gangs unleash violence, burning police stations, releasing inmates, and attacking vital institutions, including the main airport.

The government’s attempts with a state of emergency and nightly curfew prove ineffective against the escalating violence.

Warning of Civil War and Genocide

Cherizier issues a dire warning, stating that Haiti is on the brink of civil war and ‘genocide’ unless Prime Minister Ariel Henry resigns. The political turmoil intensifies as Henry, in power since 2021, postpones elections citing safety concerns.

International Response and Stalled Evacuation Plans

Secretary of State Antony Blinken collaborates with Haitian leaders, exploring ways to restore stability. Plans for a presidential transitional council are underway, involving observers and voting members representing various sectors of Haitian society.

Humanitarian Concerns: Rising Casualties and Struggles for Survival

The escalating violence leaves scores dead and over 15,000 homeless. The dire situation is marked by dogs gnawing on unattended bodies in the streets, creating an overwhelming stench of death. Fear of police force collapse and widespread anarchy adds to the urgency of the crisis.

Stuck in Puerto Rico: Prime Minister Ariel Henry Unable to Return Home

Prime Minister Ariel Henry finds himself stranded in Puerto Rico, deemed unsafe to land in the neighboring Dominican Republic.

The head of Haiti’s government is isolated amid the unfolding chaos.

International Efforts for Stability: CARICOM Meetings and Transitional Council

Political, religious, and civil leaders from Haiti engage in discussions with CARICOM Caribbean Community and US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken.

The proposal for a presidential transitional council aims to bring stability to a nation gripped by violence and political uncertainty.

As the Haitian crisis worsens, concerns grow for the safety and well-being of those trapped, emphasizing the critical need for swift international intervention amidst the escalating violence and political turmoil.