Rwanda’s Anne Rwigara’s Untimely Death Elicits Suspicions of Poisoning, Fueling Political Speculation

Death of Rwandan Activist Triggers Allegations of Poisoning

Anne Rwigara, a prominent opposition figure in Rwanda, has reportedly passed away, stirring speculation and grief across social media.

Her mother, Adeline Rwigara, expressed confusion and disbelief over her sudden demise, claiming that Anne wasn’t unwell but unexpectedly succumbed to a mysterious condition within days.

Context of Rwigara’s Past and Family Involvement in Opposition

Anne Rwigara, aged 41 at the time of her death, was linked to her sister Diane Rwigara’s political struggles in 2017.

Diane faced obstacles in her bid for presidency after the 2017 elections, which were overwhelmingly won by President Paul Kagame.

Both Anne and Diane faced accusations following the elections, with Diane’s disqualification from running for office.

Rumors and Suspicions Surrounding Rwigara’s Demise

Following Anne Rwigara’s passing, a wave of dismay spread across social media platforms, with numerous users sharing distressing accounts.

Reports suggest that Anne complained of severe stomach pain for eight hours before experiencing multi-organ failures leading to her demise, sparking suspicions of poisoning.

Many online voices are attributing her death to the Kagame regime, alleging a move to stifle dissent, particularly in the lead-up to Rwanda’s upcoming elections.

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