Woman Alleges She Had Sex with Matt Gaetz at Drug-Fueled Party, Provides Evidence to Authorities

Woman Alleges She Had Sex with Matt Gaetz at Drug-Fueled Party, Provides Evidence to Authorities

A woman has come forward claiming she engaged in sexual activity with Matt Gaetz at a drug-fueled party, where she was allegedly paid to attend multiple sex parties with people in Gaetz’s circle.

This revelation follows the emergence of texts suggesting Gaetz had solicited her for a three-day trip to the Florida Keys.

The woman’s lawyer stated that she and other girls were provided with various controlled substances at these parties, leading to intimate behavior that may have been influenced by financial remuneration.

Evidence Provided to Authorities

The woman has provided evidence, including text messages, photos, and testimony, to the Justice Department and the House Ethics Committee.

Venmo transactions show that she received approximately $2,500 from Gaetz’s associate Joel Greenberg between March and July 2017, with notes indicating payments for “travel,” “being cool,” and other purposes.

The House Ethics Committee began investigating Gaetz in April 2021, but paused during the DOJ probe.

Denials and Counterclaims

Gaetz’s office denied any knowledge of Greenberg’s payments to the woman for sex.

Greenberg, who is currently imprisoned for sex trafficking of a minor, has reportedly told investigators that he paid the woman to have sex with other men on their behalf.

Despite these allegations, Gaetz has denied ever paying for sex and claims the accusations are a mischaracterization of his past behavior.

Emotional Toll on the Woman

The woman’s lawyer described her decision to come forward as difficult and emotionally taxing, especially given the intense investigation into the matter.

While the woman initially agreed to a trip to the Florida Keys with Gaetz, the plans never materialized.

Gaetz has faced scrutiny over his relationships and activities, but the DOJ ultimately decided not to bring charges against him in connection with Greenberg’s case.

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