Six-Year-Old Girl Rescued from Hotel Pool After Lifeguard Had Clocked Off

Six-Year-Old Girl Rescued from Hotel Pool After Lifeguard Had Clocked Off

A harrowing incident occurred on May 9, around 6:50 PM, at the Granada Park Aparthotel in Los Cristianos, Tenerife. A six-year-old British girl was pulled from the hotel pool, nearly an hour after the lifeguard had finished their shift.

This incident, described as ‘awful’ and ‘horrifying’ by witnesses, has prompted a police investigation to determine the circumstances surrounding the event, including the whereabouts of the girl’s parents and the absence of a lifeguard.

Witness Testimony

Acai Foster, a holidaymaker staying at the Granada Park Aparthotel with his family, provided a detailed account of the distressing event. Foster described the scene as shocking and chaotic.

He recounted, “The little girl apparently wandered off and ended up in the pool. My wife and I saw all the commotion and a young girl being shielded while someone attempted to give CPR.

The hotel staff were frantically pacing up and down not knowing what had happened. The parents were still nowhere to be seen at this point.”

Foster added that the pool was in the process of closing down for the evening when the accident occurred, leaving many guests in disbelief and shock. ”

A lot of guests were in total shock and disbelief. We were all being ushered back into our rooms, however, no one was really moving,” he said, highlighting the collective state of confusion and concern among the hotel’s guests.

The Immediate Aftermath

Emergency services were quickly contacted to provide medical assistance.

Reports from the Canarian Weekly indicated that the girl was conscious but extremely frightened when a nearby police unit arrived.

Witnesses and hotel staff had already intervened, performing mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to keep her alive until professional help could arrive.

According to the police, the scene was swiftly attended by two motorcyclists, two patrol vehicles, a doctor, and a first aider.

The girl was then transported by ambulance to a nearby medical center, where she was diagnosed with aspiration pneumonia, a condition caused by inhaling liquid into the lungs.

Although the hospital staff managed to stabilize her, the severity of her condition necessitated her transfer to a pediatric emergency department at a university hospital.

Ongoing Investigation and Impact

The incident has triggered an investigation by local authorities to establish the events leading up to the near-tragedy.

This includes determining why the girl was left unattended and the lack of a lifeguard presence at the pool.

The parents and the hotel staff are both under scrutiny as the investigation seeks to uncover any lapses in duty or responsibility.

Foster expressed the profound impact of witnessing the event on his family, stating, “The shock of witnessing the scene will forever live with me and my family.

I have heard through hotel staff and guests that even though the girl did survive, she is in a very bad way.

The parents are being investigated, as well as the hotel staff. I am hoping that the young girl pulls through and makes a full recovery. This truly was a horrifying thing to see.”

Community and Emergency Response

The rapid response from the local emergency services undoubtedly played a crucial role in the girl’s survival.

The swift arrival of police, medical personnel, and the immediate actions of the guests and hotel staff underscore the importance of prompt and effective emergency response in such situations.

The girl’s current condition remains unknown, but the hope for her full recovery persists.

This incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of vigilance and safety, especially in environments where children are present.

The ongoing investigation aims to prevent such incidents in the future by ensuring that all safety protocols are rigorously enforced and that accountability is maintained.


The traumatic event at Granada Park Aparthotel has left a lasting impression on those who witnessed it and has raised critical questions about safety and supervision.

As the investigation continues, the priority remains the young girl’s recovery and the implementation of measures to prevent such incidents from occurring again.

The community’s response, the emergency services’ efficiency, and the solidarity of the guests at the hotel highlight the collective effort to support and save the life of a child in distress.

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