Wimbledon Star Annabel Croft Mourns the Loss of Husband to Cancer

Wimbledon Star Annabel Croft Mourns the Loss of Husband to Cancer

…By Alan Peterson for TDPel Media. Annabel Croft, renowned Wimbledon tennis player and TV presenter, is grieving the loss of her husband.


The heartbreaking news comes just weeks after her husband, Mel Coleman, 60, was diagnosed with stage three cancer following unexpected stomach issues.

Ms Croft, 56, shared the devastating news, expressing her profound sadness over the passing of her beloved husband.

She stated that Mel peacefully passed away on Wednesday morning after a brief battle with cancer.

She requested privacy for herself and her family during this incredibly sorrowful time.

A Tennis Career, Love, and Family

Ms Croft, who achieved reaching the third round at Wimbledon in 1984, retired from professional tennis at the young age of 21.

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It was after her retirement that she crossed paths with Mel Coleman, a former America’s Cup yachtsman.


Their connection blossomed, and they enjoyed over three decades of marriage.

Together, they raised three grown-up children named Charlie, Amber, and Lily.

A Respected Figure in Tennis Broadcasting

Ms Croft has since become a prominent figure in tennis broadcasting.

She has been a familiar face during the BBC’s coverage of Wimbledon and has provided coverage for various tournaments worldwide on platforms like Sky Sports and other media organizations.

An Adventurous Project and Shared Passions

In recent years, the couple gained recognition for their shared passion for adventure.

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They undertook a unique project during the lockdown, converting an old delivery van into a mobile home.

This transformed vehicle, named ‘Vannabel,’ became their means of exploring different parts of Europe.

Mel Coleman’s Accomplishments

Apart from his passion for sailing, Mel Coleman enjoyed a successful career as an investment banker.


Additionally, he and his wife ran a tennis school, showcasing their shared love for the sport.

Annabel Croft and her family are now facing the immense loss of a beloved husband and father.

The tennis community and fans around the world extend their heartfelt condolences to Ms Croft and her family during this difficult time.


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