Will Smith Denies Accusations of Sexual Encounter with Duane Martin, Calls it a ‘Smear Campaign’

Will Smith is facing what he believes to be a ‘smear campaign’ after his former assistant, Brother Bilaal, claimed to have witnessed the actor engaged in a sexual encounter with Duane Martin.

Will vehemently denies the allegations, branding them as ‘unequivocally false.’

Jada Pinkett Smith, Will’s ‘life partner,’ has come to his defense, stating they plan to take legal action against the accusations.

Will Smith’s Reaction and Legal Considerations:

Amid the scandal, Will Smith views the situation as a targeted effort to tarnish his reputation.

A legal source revealed that Will is exploring all legal options, expressing hurt that a former friend would make such claims.

Despite focusing on his upcoming movie and charitable projects, Will is considering legal action to address what he perceives as a ludicrous allegation.

Jada Pinkett Smith’s Response and Family’s Reaction:

Jada, who recently disclosed her secret separation from Will seven years ago, directly addressed the controversy, declaring ‘We ‘suin’!’ She emphasized that the allegations are untrue and ridiculous.

The Smith children, Jaden and Willow, are reported to be ‘hurt’ by Bilaal’s comments but not surprised.

The family contends that Bilaal’s statements, especially coming from a longtime friend, are particularly cutting.

Impact on Jaden Smith and Past Controversies:

Bilaal’s remarks reportedly hit Jaden Smith hard, especially considering the challenges he faced regarding his sexuality.

The insider claims Jaden had to ‘hide his sexuality for years’ due to his parents’ disapproval.

The family has experienced previous controversies, including Jaden’s openness about his fluid sexuality during a public event in 2018.

Details of Bilaal’s Allegations:

Bilaal’s shocking claim includes describing an alleged sexual encounter between Will Smith and Duane Martin in a dressing room.

He paints a vivid picture of the incident, suggesting it was a distressing experience.

A spokesperson for Will Smith dismissed the story as ‘completely fabricated,’ and Duane Martin reportedly has no plans to publicly respond to the claim.

Jada Pinkett Smith’s Assurance and Legal Action:

Jada, during an appearance on The Breakfast Club radio show, asserted that legal action would be taken against the false allegations.

She explained that the rumors originated from a failed attempt at a money shakedown related to Will’s book.

Jada emphasized that the situation is based on unfounded claims and reassured that they would address it legally.

Background on Will Smith’s Personal Life:

The controversy adds to the public scrutiny of Will Smith’s personal life, marked by his openness about his sex life in his 2021 memoir, “Will.”

The actor candidly discussed a period of rampant sexual activity following a heartbreak at age 15.

He has also shared details about his and Jada’s intimate relationship over the years.


The unfolding scandal places the Smith family in the spotlight, prompting a strong response from Will and Jada as they navigate the complexities of public perception and personal revelations.

The accusations, labeled as a ‘smear campaign,’ underscore the challenges faced by high-profile individuals in managing their public image amidst controversies.

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