Alaskan Mayor’s Sons and the Tragic Deaths of Their Girlfriends: Unanswered Questions and Police Inaction

Alaskan Mayor’s Sons and the Tragic Deaths of Their Girlfriends: Unanswered Questions and Police Inaction

In a disturbing turn of events, two women, Jennifer Kirk and Sue Sue Norton, were found dead on the property of an ex-mayor in Kotzebue, Alaska.

Both incidents, occurring in 2018 and 2020, involved signs of strangulation and beating, and both victims were dating the sons of the former mayor, Clement Richard.

Domestic Violence History and Past Convictions

Jennifer Kirk and Sue Sue Norton were romantically involved with the sons, Anthony and Amos Richards, who had a history of domestic violence.

Anthony had previously been convicted of assaulting Kirk before her death in May 2018, initially labeled as a suicide. Amos had admitted to assaulting Norton in 2018, yet no charges were brought against them in connection with the deaths.

Questionable Police Investigations and Allegations of Cover-Up

Despite convictions and a track record of abuse, neither son faced charges in the deaths of Kirk and Norton.

Concerns have been raised about the quality of police investigations, with ProPublica and the Anchorage Daily News jointly reporting potential inconsistencies and a lack of thoroughness.

The deaths and the subsequent legal proceedings have prompted accusations of a potential cover-up.

First Death, May 2018: Jennifer Kirk’s “Suicide”

Jennifer Kirk was found dead with signs of strangulation and a gunshot wound in May 2018. Anthony Richards, her boyfriend and the ex-mayor’s son, was present during the discovery.

The initial police report raised questions about the rifle’s dimensions, casting doubt on the suicide verdict. Anthony later admitted to a violent altercation with Kirk on the day of her death, leading to strangulation.

Second Death, March 2020: Sue Sue Norton’s Homicide

Sue Sue Norton, dating Amos Richards, was found dead in 2020 with signs of beating and strangulation. Despite the clear evidence of homicide, no one has been charged in connection with her death.

Police reportedly did not inform Norton’s family of the cause of death, failed to interview key witnesses, and a search warrant was denied, hindering the collection of crucial evidence.

Bizarre Behavior and Legal Leniency

The Richards family, including the mayor and his sons, has a history of domestic violence allegations.

The sons, Anthony, Amos, and Clement Jr., have faced numerous charges, but their sentences remained light, and bail was often set at lower levels.

The disturbing pattern of leniency and the Richards family’s connections have raised concerns about potential interference in the legal process.

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