Why Mark Pilgrim posts about his cancer experience

Why Mark Pilgrim posts about his cancer experience

Mark Pilgrim, a media figure, is not going to suffer alone. Pilgrim says he won’t stop sharing his story because it could save someone’s life. Pilgrim hasn’t held back from discussing his experiences with cancer and other serious health issues on social media.

The Hot 1027 FM radio personality on Tuesday gave his followers an explanation on Instagram of why it’s vital for him to share his internet cancer experience.

The veteran radio and TV performer stated, “Someone commented, wondering why I’m discussing my personal health experience on social media, saying I should rather keep it to myself.”

Well, one of the reasons I blog about my battle with cancer is best expressed in this comment I once got from a follower: “I didn’t want to get out of bed today. I got to my feet after reading your message.

It’s all worthwhile, he continued, “if my articles inspire just one individual to find the inner fortitude to face another day.”

The radio icon also used the occasion to express his gratitude to everyone who sent him birthday wishes.

Thank you for your well wishes over the last week, by the way. I’m recovering. My immune system has been given a jump start by medical assistance and is now functioning normally.

Got bronchitis along the trip, so it will be a few days before I can talk on the radio once again.

Love and support remarks poured into Pilgrim’s comments area from friends and fans.

I appreciate your journaling and sharing, Mark, remarked Sureshnie Rider. We also want to be a part of your rehabilitation since it has offered so much help on several levels.

Please never cease blogging, requested Karin Schonauer. Numerous people are impacted by your path, your openness, and particularly your very upbeat attitude.

“Thank you for sharing your story with us,” Carol Baptista said.

“Hi Mark, so pleased you are healthy enough to post. You are a great inspiration. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. Sending you love & light, take care.” was the message left by Shanaaz Philander.

“You are a great inspiration, and you remind me so much of my late mother and late father since you are all warriors,” Anthea’s Finest said. Continue posting!!!!! Don’t ever give up.

After being in remission for more than three decades, Pilgrim disclosed in February that his cancer had come back.

Thank you for your nice words of encouragement while I’ve been away with family for a few days. After the PET scan, we’ll know the entire depth of what’s happening. It suffices to say that the Big C has knocked on my door once again, he said at the time.

I’m not Chuck Norris, he continued. Yes, I’m afraid. I am also powerful. Both feelings are parallel to one another. I’m being treated by outstanding medical professionals and am surrounded by affection.

Stage 3 testicular cancer was first discovered in 1988 and later spread to the experienced radio personality. He had a serious heart attack at the doctor’s office in 2008, which left him with irreversible cardiac damage.

“My heart attack occurred 11 years ago today. Because I experienced it while at my doctor’s office, I am still alive today. 10% of my heart continues to be unbeatable.

It serves as a reminder to cherish each day, enjoy life, and pursue your goals. Avoid waiting till tomorrow. It may not be there,” Pilgrim said in 2019.

He had a positive Covid-19 test back in June of last year.

»Why Mark Pilgrim posts about his cancer experience«

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