Why Investing in Video Game Translation is a Smart Move?

Why Investing in Video Game Translation is a Smart Move?

Video and computer games come with the purpose of entertainment. The gaming industry has seen a boon lately and is much in demand. The overall value of the gaming industry globally was around $173.70 in the year 2020 only. This is not going to stop sometime soon and there is no looking back for this industry. As per the estimations, the industry is expected to reach $260 billion by 2025. There are more opportunities for gamers and developers to make it more flexible for the users. They can tap new markets leading to maximizing revenue generation.

The recent pandemic turned out to be the major reason for the success of the games in 2020 and in the years to come. This industry has a lot of potential to grow in the future. Therefore, video game translation is evident for this field to grow further and bloom. The developers and owners need to ensure that they work on the translation services in an effective and seamless manner. It is significant to ascertain that they get the right audience to take care of the whole content and relevant factor. They should also ascertain that they take every possible step to make the games user-friendly and engaging.

Here are a few reasons that elaborate why it is a smart decision to invest in the translation of video games. 

Global Audience 

The Internet has totally changed the way of interacting and reaching businesses and potential clients. The world has become a global market and the businesses are now targeting the global audience. Therefore, businesses carry the responsibility of modifying their businesses as per the preferences and likenesses of their target audience. Whenever game developers intend to opt for the translation of the games, they primarily want to expand their markets and reach more audiences and this is impossible to achieve seamlessly without a professional translation solution.

More Creative Liberty and Control

Once you go for the translation of the video game it enables the gamers to feel privileged. They feel valued and get connected to the game more cordially. The translation of the whole game allows them to see things in a more detailed manner. Video game users love absolute liberty and control of video games. The game’s increased freedom and the narrative can improve the experience and its fun part. The user can enjoy the most when he has the authority to make the decisions. They feel compelled to play and can not resist such liberty. More controls can improve the functionality of the game as well. Moreover, the developers should also consider adding the option of undoing and redoing the game-ending move in the new languages as well.

New players and users are likely to commit mistakes while playing, therefore giving them these options allows them to enjoy more and it is only possible with the right and quality translation. 

Improves the Rankings in App Stores

The translation of the video game is also significant in that it allows you to get ranked in the app stores whether it is the Android store or Apple store. There are particular markets that have more potential users for video games. The developers should ensure that they do the recce before investing in the video translation for a certain audience. As per the surveys and research video games are downloaded in the regions and countries where English is not a primary language. Hence, it is imperative to do proper research before investing in it. However, once you tap the right market it improves the ranking overall leading to a better revenue generation.

Better User Experience

A number of surveys and research have proved time and again that people prefer the content in their languages. How do you expect a user to enjoy your game when he can’t exactly comprehend the game’s language, content, and instructions? Therefore, for a pleasant user experience, it is important that you as a developer and gamer invest in the translation of the games and let the user of your target audience enjoy and have the utmost pleasant user experience. Experts also advise going for website translation services to let potential consumers and users have an experience of a lifetime. Thus, there are certain genres that have different demands. 

Makes you a Better Competitor

The video game market is full of different types of games. The users have downloaded hundreds of games on their mobile phones. However, they don’t play all of these. They only play the ones that they enjoy playing the most. The topmost feature that fetches the player’s attention is the ability to understand the language of the game. Not all of these players like to experiment with foreign languages. Also, a number of game developers ignore the importance of translating content into foreign languages. Therefore, if you want to stand out among the rest of the developers, translating the games into the target languages should be your top priority.


Translation has been playing a vital role to make the target audiences and potential users go through the required content smoothly. Likewise, it is also vital for video games to reach potential players. The translation allows them to understand the games playing more. Therefore, game developers should invest in game translation to stand out in the market, to allow the users to have a great experience, and to generate the maximum revenue among others. 

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