Phenom Reveals Why He Turned Down Olamide’s Record Label Offer

Phenom’s Surprising Decision

Nigerian rapper Phenom has left netizens astonished by sharing the reason behind his decision to turn down a record label offer from Olamide.

Revealing the Decision on a Podcast

During a recent episode of the Terms and Conditions podcast, Phenom unveiled the intriguing story behind his choice.

Desire from Top Singers P

henom disclosed that Olamide and several other renowned artists had expressed their interest in collaborating with him.

A Generous Offer from Wizkid

At the peak of his career, Wizkid himself approached Phenom with an offer to join his prestigious record label, Starboy Entertainment.

Loyalty to Knight House

The rapper explained that he had multiple lucrative offers on the table, including a jaw-dropping 100 million Naira offer and a brand new G-wagon. However, his unwavering loyalty to his then-label, Knight House, ultimately influenced his decision.

The Influence of His Mother

Phenom shared that he sought advice from his mother, who encouraged him to honor his existing contract with Knight House, which played a significant role in his final choice.

Reflecting on Missed Opportunities

Phenom expressed some regret about not accepting Wizkid’s offer, reflecting on what might have been. Despite the missed opportunities, he sees his decision as a blessing, as it may have saved him from potential pitfalls.

A Story of Loyalty and Choices

Phenom’s decision to prioritize loyalty over the allure of wealth and fame is a testament to the values he holds dear in his career and life.

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