Who challenged the top teams from the CS:GO scene in 2023

Who challenged the top teams from the CS:GO scene in 2023

The season is just gaining momentum. Only a few important CS:GO tournaments and important qualifiers have taken place. However, fans have already witnessed a few sensations when small teams challenge the favorites. There are not that many bright stories. But there are outstanding teams, which have become the discovery of the first two months of 2023. So it is worth talking about the teams, which made a statement and hinted at a potential promotion in class in the future.

Complexity Gaming

The brightest example of unexpected growth relates to the team Complexity Gaming. North Americans have been associated with failures, eliminations, and regular losses for a long. Yes, the team’s breakthrough at the last year’s ESL Pro League Season 16 can be mentioned but the guys returned to the roots after that and continued demonstrating bad play.

However, Complexity Gaming had a tough time at BLAST Premier: Spring Groups 2023 at the start of the new season, although they managed to succeed at the end of the championship. The recent Intel Extreme Masters Katowice 2023 was a top result for the team where it achieved a few sensational victories and was one step away from the playoffs.

Now, the North American team tries to hold this level. But first, the guys will need to play ESL Pro League Season 17 and, also, qualify for the Major.

IHC Esports

It is another colorful representative of the modern scene, which has shined bright at the recent Intel Extreme Masters Katowice 2023. Just like in the case of the North Americans, the team from Mongolia made a statement last year. At least, IHC Esports visited two Majors where it was not left without victories.

This time, the Mongols played nicely in Katowice because, at least, no one expected to see them on the group stage. But the team decided the opposite, having eliminated paiN Gaming and FURIA from the championship. IHC Esports continued surprising in the group, having prevailed over Cloud9.

Moreover, the team continued playing perfectly in its region without having a single loss after their return from Poland. And there is no doubt that we will see IHC Esports in Paris where they will try their best to repeat their recent success and compete with top esports teams once again.

Eternal Fire

It is a very fresh example, which leads us to the long-suffering Turkish team Eternal Fire. The last year’s transfers of the club caused a lot of laughing because it swapped players every month. Complicated relationships were the icing on the cake because someone regularly had a verbal fight in the team.

Nevertheless, the Turkish team found the strength to focus on in the new season. Firstly, the team confidently qualified for ESL Pro League Season 17. Moreover, Eternal Fire managed to prevail at CCT Central Europe Malta Finals 1, having demonstrated a decent place amid strong opponents.

Here is another reason — the guys made it to the RMR tournament easily, having shown confidence amid once-direct competitors. After all, for the first time in a year and a half, Eternal Fire does not look like a team, which will give up and lose. The team now fights to an end and the guys have never had issues with shooting.


It seems that Astralis was discussed only as the favorite of any championship three-four years ago. But the Danes have only caused laughter in the past few years, and many have forgotten about them. The peak of the team’s failure was the missing of the Rio de Janeiro Major, after which the club faced another roster change.

Of course, no one expected anything from Astralis and many have already removed the team from the list of top teams. So it is quite logical that a small success of the Danish team at the start of the new season can be called a challenge.

First of all, casle’s players managed to proceed to the top 6 at BLAST Premier: Spring Groups 2023, having gained momentum during the championship. Secondly, the Danes have become the champions of CCT North Europe Series #3, having demonstrated their character. Thirdly, Astralis has overcome itself and qualified for the RMR tournament where it will compete for a slot in BLAST.tv Paris Major 2023.

If we are talking about the brightest examples, we will stop at these four teams. There is a row of other teams, which had some sort of success and want to compete for big rewards, in the TIER-2 stage. Nevertheless, Complexity Gaming, IHC Esports, Eternal Fire, and Astralis have deserved special attention after a few played tournaments.

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