The Top Team Building Activities For Remote Teams

Are you having trouble getting your team together for some quality time because you all have to work remotely? As we live in unusual times that demand unusual answers, we have compiled a list of the top team-building exercises that will leave your team pumped up and ready to take on anything! Taking in the top-rated room from afar rather than whatever comes up when you Google escape room near me? Engaging in a do-it-yourself pantry challenge or hosting a dance party in cyberspace? 

  • Websites that Simulate Physical Escape Rooms

One of the most popular ways to have a good time regardless of the date, location, or circumstance!By bringing together people from different parts of the world, a team can work together to solve the thrilling riddles of an escape room. Your team will be coached and coordinated through the experience, but be prepared to work together to overcome the obstacles. Virtual escape rooms are all the rage these days, and the thrills are entirely virtual as well. Escape rooms have a wide range of themes to choose from; your group can even vote on which one is the most exciting.The ability to work together and solve problems is something your team can benefit from. Playing this game together is a great way to strengthen team ties while having a good time.

  • DIY Food Storage War

You’ve got some real thinkers and doers on your team. You could suggest that they start a cooking video competition. In all seriousness, though, fun is the most crucial component. Use your imagination, give your coworkers a deadline, and give them the task of creating their very own cooking tutorial! Invite as many people as possible from your team so that everyone, even the more reserved members, may show off their ham and egg-producing skills. Let creativity and originality triumph.

  • Get out there and dance!

Isolation in a quarantine facility or having to perform one’s job duties at home can bring on feelings of depression. Throw a dance party for your employees to lift their spirits and give them the best remote experience possible. Take the opportunity to show off your Just Dance skills, or lack thereof, by voting for a song and sharing your results with your coworkers. Group chats are also a great place to share playlists and let everyone vote on which songs to listen to.It’s time to shake things up at work and give your staff a fantastic reward.

  • Tales told in Emoji

Emoji storylines are a great pastime for people who want to relax with a drink and share the details of a recent event in a clever and entertaining way. Only emojis may be used to describe the event, and it is up to your coworkers to figure out what happened and keep the emoji story going. Please don’t use more than ten sentences to wrap up the story! Take care when selecting emojis, as it is easy and humorous to mislead your teammates if you choose the wrong ones. In addition to being a lot of fun, this activity also helps you talk to other people. On a side note, escape room birthday party can be a great option this year to celebrate your special day.

  • Pretend there’s an issue

Make a fictitious issue real so you and your group can put your creative problem-solving skills to the test. Maybe you’ve always been worried about a specific problem that could derail your company. Try it out and see how your group deals with a crisis situation. Create a fictional, out-of-the-ordinary problem that has far-reaching consequences for your organisation, and act as though the fate of your business hinges on your team’s choice. Know that time is of the essence and that you must find an answer soon.

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