Which Jennifer and Chad Griffiths are the parents of Ruby Franke? Those Related By Blood

Which Jennifer and Chad Griffiths are the parents of Ruby Franke? Those Related By Blood

Chad and Jennifer Griffiths, the parents of YouTube star Ruby Franke, had a major impact on their daughter’s development. Find out about them in full via this article.
Famous for her family vlog channel 8 Passengers, Ruby Franke is a former YouTuber and mother.
She and her husband Kevin Franke, together with their six children, became YouTube celebrities by posting videos about their everyday life, parenting struggles, and fun family excursions.
The channel was launched in January 2015 by the Franke family, who are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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Ruby Franke’s Family Jessica and Chad Griffiths
Former YouTube celebrity Ruby Franke was born to Jennifer and Chad Griffiths, who run the popular family vlog channel 8 Passengers.
While Ruby’s parents, Jennifer and Chad, have become internet celebrities in their own right, they have generally avoided the spotlight themselves.
Ruby’s mother, Jennifer, and her father, Chad, have both been influential figures in her development.

Jennifer and Chad Griffiths, despite their daughter’s prominence, keep a low profile. Dexerto (Image Source)

Jennifer and Chad Griffiths, the parents of internet starlet Lulu, have kept a low profile, so the public doesn’t know much about them.

Given the potentially disruptive nature of internet fame, it’s easy to see why they would prefer to keep their private lives out of the public eye.
Although little is known about Ruby’s parents, it is clear that they have provided their children with a strong emotional and practical basis.

Ruby’s focus on family and parenting on her YouTube channel is undoubtedly informed by their shared values and upbringing.
Ruby Franke, the Oldest of Her Brothers and Sisters
As the eldest of her siblings, Ruby Franke has established herself as a popular YouTuber in her own right.

Her extended family is very committed to their Mormon beliefs. Growing up with siblings like Beau Griffiths, Bonnie Hoellein, Ellie Mecham, and Julie Deru had a profound effect on Ruby, shaping her priorities and outlook on family life.
Beau Griffiths, Ruby’s younger brother, prefers to keep a low profile online, appearing in only a handful of their YouTube videos and otherwise preferring to live a private life away from the spotlight.

Ruby Franke’s upbringing in a Mormon family and as the eldest of her siblings affected her character. (Photo courtesy of the New York Sun)

Another of Ruby’s sisters, Bonnie Hoellein, has also found success on YouTube, where she and her husband, Joel Hoellein, often upload videos about their family.

Bonnie and Ruby have collaborated on content before, showcasing their strong sibling bond.
Another sister, Ellie Mecham, and her husband, Jared Mecham, also run a YouTube channel, and they sometimes work together with Ruby’s family on joint projects.
Finally, Ruby’s younger sister Julie and her husband Landon Deru have a YouTube channel where they document their family life and offer advice to new parents.
Husband and Children of Ruby Franke
Former YouTube star Ruby Franke and her husband Kevin Franke and their six children created the hit family vlogging channel 8 Passengers, where they documented their daily lives.
The Springville, Utah, natives are both devout Mormons who found fame for writing about their children and other loved ones.

Shari, Chad, Abby, Julie, Russell, and Eve Franke were the channel’s driving creative forces.

The cast of ‘8 Passengers’ included Ruby Franke, her husband Kevin, and their six children. (Photo courtesy of Thedistin)

Ruby and Kevin recorded their everyday activities, including their roles as parents, the meals they prepared, and the fun they had with their children.

Their focus on family values has clearly struck a chord with viewers, as the channel has amassed millions of subscribers as of August 2017.
Despite the difficulties and debates, the Franke family’s voyage is an important part of their history.
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