YouTube mom: Ruby Franke’s relative says she’s ‘disgusting’ ‘I’m not shocked’

YouTube Mom Ruby Franke’s Child Abuse Case Unveils Disturbing Family History

A relative of the popular YouTube mom, Ruby Franke, has spoken out about her child abuse case, emphasizing that the problem extends beyond her. The unnamed cousin, charged with six felony counts of abuse, claimed that this behavior has a deeper history in their family.

Abuse in the Franke Family: A Disturbing Pattern

According to the cousin, abusive behavior, physical violence, and withholding food have been persistent issues within the Franke family for generations. They described personal experiences of unprovoked child abuse and witnessing similar behavior during their time in Ruby’s home. After briefly observing Ruby’s YouTube channel, they noticed that her mannerisms mirrored those they had witnessed in their childhood.

Ruby Franke’s Arrest and Charges

Ruby Franke, who manages the 8 Passengers YouTube channel, was arrested on two counts of aggravated child abuse alongside her business partner, Jodi Hildebrandt, on August 30. Both face six counts of felony child abuse in Washington County, Utah. Each count carries a potential sentence of up to 15 years and a $10,000 fine.

The Impact on Ruby’s Children

Upon their discovery, Ruby’s children were in severely malnourished and wounded states, with her son Russell, 12, and daughter Eve, 10, requiring hospitalization. Evidence consistent with the injuries on the juvenile victims was found during a search of Ruby’s home. The other four children were taken into the custody of the Utah Division of Child and Family Services.

The Family Member’s Perspective

The anonymous family member expressed disgust at the charges of child abuse but emphasized that this issue transcends Ruby and her immediate family. They recounted personal experiences of their mother handcuffing their siblings and instances of food deprivation within their own family. They revealed that the entire Franke family, from the roots to the branches, is plagued by this multi-generational problem.

The Role of Religion in Justifying Abuse

The family member also discussed the potential influence of the Mormon church and its teachings in justifying such abuse. They suggested that these teachings may have played a role in rationalizing the behavior. Despite their understanding, they expressed hope that Ruby’s children are safe.

Legal Proceedings and Continued Custody

Ruby and Jodi remain in custody as of September 5, with their next court appearance scheduled for September 8. Ruby Franke gained fame through her strict parenting style documented on YouTube, amassing millions of subscribers. The channel stopped uploading videos in January 2022.

Impact on the Children

One of Ruby’s adult children, Shari, expressed relief at her mother’s arrest, stating that she had been attempting to alert the police and CPS about the situation for years. Shari emphasized her gratitude that authorities finally intervened, ensuring the safety of her siblings.

Kevin Franke’s Concerns and Focus

Kevin Franke, Ruby’s husband, was seen outside their home following the arrests. His attorney stated that his primary concern is keeping his children together under his care, highlighting his urgent focus on their welfare.

Neighbor Concerns and Observations

Neighbors expressed concerns about the well-being of the Franke children, recalling instances when they were seen doing strenuous outdoor chores for extended periods in extreme heat. The neighbor also noted that Ruby’s van, with an “8 Passengers” sticker and license plate, was frequently parked in front of Jodi Hildebrandt’s home.

The disturbing case has brought attention to issues within the Franke family and serves as a reminder of the need to address child abuse and its generational impact.