White House Press Secretary Addresses President Biden’s Knowledge of Hunter’s Defiance

The White House press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, faced questions on Wednesday regarding President Joe Biden’s awareness of his son Hunter’s testimony, where Hunter defied a congressional subpoena.

Jean-Pierre revealed that President Biden was ‘familiar’ with his son’s statements but avoided providing details about their discussions or expressing the president’s stance on Hunter’s refusal to comply with the Republican investigation.

Hunter Biden’s Testimony: Defiance and Reasons:

Earlier in the day, Hunter Biden appeared on Capitol Hill, strongly criticizing Republicans and outlining his reasons for rejecting a closed-door deposition.

He expressed a willingness to testify publicly and questioned why Republicans were hesitant about it.

In response, Republican leaders signaled their readiness to initiate contempt of Congress proceedings, continuing their attempts to link President Biden to his son’s business dealings.

White House Response: President’s Focus and Border Security:

Jean-Pierre redirected the focus to President Biden’s priorities, emphasizing discussions on border security and bipartisan negotiations.

Despite persistent queries about the president’s reaction to his son defying a subpoena, Jean-Pierre refrained from providing specific details, directing inquiries to Hunter Biden’s representatives.

Comparisons and Evading Specifics:

When pressed about President Biden’s previous remarks in 2021 regarding Jan. 6 suspects defying subpoenas, Jean-Pierre declined to elaborate.

However, she made a clear statement that the president would not issue a pardon for his son.

Notably, Hunter Biden faces criminal charges in two states, including firearm counts in Delaware and new tax charges filed by Special Counsel David Weiss.


The situation highlights the delicate balance the White House maintains in responding to Hunter Biden’s actions, with Karine Jean-Pierre offering insights into the president’s awareness while carefully avoiding specifics and redirecting attention to broader policy issues.

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