Whistler Capital Partners invests in Heart + Paw’s growth

Deal Amount Undisclosed

The specific financial details of the deal remain undisclosed, leaving the exact investment amount shrouded in secrecy.

Utilizing Investment for Expansion

The company has clear intentions for the investment it has received, focusing on expanding both its operational capacity and business outreach.

This strategic approach reflects a commitment to growth and market expansion.

Heart + Paw: A Pet Care Services Platform

Founded in 2018, Heart + Paw stands as a comprehensive pet care services platform.

Its array of offerings includes veterinary care, grooming, day care, and boarding services.

The company has positioned itself with a network spanning 28 locations across 10 states, showcasing a significant footprint in the pet care industry.

Innovative Partnership Program

Heart + Paw’s innovative partnership program is geared towards making practice ownership feasible for entrepreneurial-minded veterinarians.

Under this model, veterinarians can actively contribute to the design, construction, and co-ownership of a Heart + Paw practice.

The company provides essential operational support, encompassing business expertise, mentorship, a collaborative community of practice owners, and top-notch operational assistance.

Centralized Support Structure

A notable aspect of Heart + Paw’s operational strategy is its centralized support structure.

The company’s support center serves as the backbone for each practice, offering a spectrum of services.

From innovative client engagement initiatives, such as a pet portal and a proprietary booking tool, to handling essential business functions like marketing, accounting, human resources, recruiting, and information technology, the support center plays a pivotal role in ensuring seamless operations.

Leadership Continuity

Despite the financial infusion, the existing management team at Heart + Paw will continue to spearhead the company.

This continuity includes the leadership of Founder and Chief Veterinary Officer, Dr. George Melillo, and Chief Executive Officer, Dave Lasus.

Their ongoing presence signals stability and consistency in the company’s leadership.

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