Former NHRC Chairman Chidi Odinkalu Criticizes Women Affairs Minister’s Threat to Sue UN

Chidi Odinkalu Criticizes Women Affairs Minister’s UN Lawsuit Threat

Former chairman of the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC), Chidi Odinkalu, has taken aim at the Minister of Women Affairs, Uju Kennedy-Ohanenye, regarding her recent threat to sue the United Nations (UN).

Kennedy-Ohanenye, during a press conference in Abuja, asserted that the UN had been receiving money from donors on behalf of Nigerians, demanding transparency and giving the global body an ultimatum to explain its actions or face legal action from the Federal Ministry of Women Affairs.

Minister’s Ultimatum and Social Media Reactions

She declared, “I stand here as the Minister of Women Affairs to demand from all the UN the account of all the monies they sourced from donors in Nigeria’s name.

We want to see the account of what they did. If you don’t give us this account, at least let Nigerians see what’s going on, then you [UN] apologize to them.

If we don’t get that report between now and November 15, we are heading to court.” Her statements generated various reactions from Nigerians on social media platforms.

Chidi Odinkalu’s Question

In the midst of this conversation, Chidi Odinkalu joined in by raising questions about the appointment of Minister Uju Kennedy-Ohanenye.

He asked, “Where did @NigeriaGov get this Minister of @FMWA_ng from, pls? For the sake of matters much bigger than anyone of us, can she just be returned to source with profuse thanks for embarrassments rendered?” Odinkalu’s remarks add to the growing discussion surrounding the minister’s statements and her ultimatum to the UN.