Inside the Sequel of BBC’s Smash Hit Reality Show and the Evolving Lives of Its First Season’s Cast

Wilfred Webster:

Wilfred, who almost clinched the prize as a Traitor in the first series of “The Traitors,” admitted his intentions to “befriend and betray” his fellow contestants.

While he initially dismissed the idea of returning to the show, he later considered it a great experience.

Post-show, he tied the knot with his partner, Panayiota, and remains dedicated to community service in Peterborough, aiming to create spaces for young people.

Alyssa Chan:

Alyssa, the first Traitor to exit the show, felt relief after her elimination but forgave Wilfred for his betrayal, eventually recognizing it as part of the game.

She graduated with honors in Business Management, moved to London, and works as a search executive. Her focus remains on her career, with no intention to participate in further TV shows.

Amanda Lovett:

Amanda’s deceptive strategy allowed her to deceive the Faithfuls until a dramatic betrayal by Wilfred led to her exit. Back in Swansea, she continues family life with her partner and daughters.

Amanda has made public appearances, visited LGBTQ+ nightclubs, participated in Pride festivals, and made her presenting debut on BBC’s “Homes Under the Hammer.”

Hannah Byczkowski:

Hannah reached the final but was astonished by the revelation that her close friend Wilfred was a Traitor. Embracing a career in comedy, she co-hosts the podcast “Ghost Huns” and plans a live tour.

She’s appeared on shows like “The Weakest Link” and is engaging in various interviews related to “The Traitors.”

Meryl Williams:

Meryl emerged victorious, winning the jackpot and expressing aspirations for TV presenting. She’s been involved in raising awareness about dwarfism through documentaries and candid social media posts.

Meryl has discussed potential ventures like creating a clothing line for people with dwarfism and participated in TV specials like “The Weakest Link Celebrity Christmas Special.”

Aaron Evans:

Aaron, openly sharing his experience with ADHD on the show, received messages of gratitude from fans.

After traveling with friends using a portion of his prize money and gifting the rest to his mother for a house, he expressed willingness to return to reality TV while engaging in charitable endeavors.

Maddy Smedley:

Maddy concealed her acting career on the show and later landed a role on Channel 4’s “Hollyoaks.” She recently welcomed a baby girl, Shelby Rae, and continues her career in acting while navigating parenthood.

Maddy remains active on social media, sharing glimpses of her family life and discussing personal struggles and achievements.

Alex Gray and Tom Elderfield:

The couple successfully hid their relationship on the show, revealing it during a pivotal moment. They’ve continued their relationship post-show and share insights into their lives on social media.

Alex focuses on TV presenting, content creation, and raising awareness about her health conditions, while Tom pursues his career as a magician and content creator.

Kieran Tompsett:

Kieran’s journey included reaching the final on the show and subsequent apologies for past insensitive behavior. He’s engaged in raising awareness about PTSD after experiencing traumatic incidents, including a knife attack. Kieran is an ambassador for PTSD UK and shares aspects of his personal and professional life on social media.

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