What Should a Translation Project Management Platform Look Like?

What Should a Translation Project Management Platform Look Like?

Speed up your translation management operations and achieve higher work efficiency with a professional translation project management platform. 

Globalization has made it easier for businesses to target multiple markets simultaneously; however, the jobs of translation project managers become tougher. With more businesses making their way to international markets, the need for translations also increases. It has become quite challenging for professional project managers to cope with the increasing translation demands without compromising the quality.

When it comes to professional translation project management, the use of translation project management platforms is also a raise. Advanced translation tools are claiming to ease translation project management and help project managers handle their everyday translation tasks faster.

In this post, we’ll have a look at some must-have capabilities of a translation project management platform that leads to better performance, effective execution, and timely completion of a project.

How Does a Translation Platform Promote Effective Project Management?

Optimized Tasks Workflow 

When you are dealing with multiple translation projects at once, it may create chaos when you use outdated translation management methods and tools. Professional translation management tools ensure high speed and fewer complications when it comes to managing everyday translation operations. A TMS platform will streamline your translation workflow and organize your tasks in a more systematic manner. So, you don’t have to deal with complex translation operations. TMS tools automatically organize your task workflow and save the finalized file at a centralized location. It significantly reduces human intervention in file and document management tasks, which saves time and effort.  

Increased Productivity and Efficiency of Teams 

With a professional translation management system, you provide a secure online space to your professional linguists where they can work together. Your translators only have to focus on the translations and the rest of the managerial tasks are handled by the machine. It reduces the workload of your employees and lets them focus more on actual translations.

With machine translation tools that most TMS provides, translators can speed up their work and manage large volumes of translation in relatively less time. Combining human expertise with machine intelligence is a great way to achieve higher productivity. 

Better Team Management and Collaboration 

Project managers can monitor the activities of each team member and have a look at their overall performance occasionally. They can get feedback from their translation teams about the project at hand and use their valuable inputs to improve their project strategy and execution methods. Moreover, on a TMS platform, your teams can actively collaborate with each other and have real-time conversations. This way, your remote and in-house teams can easily collaborate, and you are less likely to face any issues regarding miscommunications and conflicts.

Effective Resource Management 

Managing your translation resources, such as Translation Memory and glossaries is much easier with a professional translation platform. Because of the high transparency that a cloud-based TMS provides, you can monitor the usage of your resources and prevent resource wastage. It also allows you to smartly allocate resources to different team members and provide them access to TMS features as per their needs. This way, you can keep track of your project resources and avoid wasting your resources on unnecessary stuff.

Real-Time Performance Analytics 

Most project management platforms come with built-in performance analytics features. It allows project managers to have a real-time quick review of overall project progress. These analytics provide project managers with important insights about the project at hand. Using these insights, project managers can make timely changes to the strategies and processes to improve performance. Moreover, if there are performance gaps in some areas of the project, they get highlighted and timely actions can be taken to prevent any further quality issues.

Seamless Integration and Scalability 

A good translation project management comes with integration features to allow project managers to import the functionalities from other apps to their TMS platform. It saves a lot of time for your team, which they may spend on switching between different apps and software. Moreover, cloud-based platforms are also very easy to scale whenever the project needs increase. A language service provider might need to scale up their project management platform features more often. Using a TMS platform allows project managers to change and upgrade the specifications of their platform in just a few clicks, whenever they need.

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