Wedding Etiquette 101: A Guest’s Guide to Polished and Respectful Behavior

Wedding Etiquette 101: A Guest’s Guide to Polished and Respectful Behavior

…By Judah Olanisebee for TDPel Media. Etiquette Expert Reveals Wedding Guest Etiquette: What Not to Do on the Big Day


In the world of weddings, following proper etiquette is essential, even for guests.

Jackie Vernon-Thompson, a seasoned etiquette expert, shares her wisdom on what wedding guests should never do to ensure a smooth and respectful celebration.

Her dos and don’ts cover various aspects, from attire to gifts and behavior.

Avoid Upstaging the Bride:

One cardinal rule Jackie emphasizes is that female guests should never wear white unless explicitly instructed otherwise.

This avoids stealing the spotlight from the bride and maintains the traditional decorum of the occasion.


Following the guidance provided on the invitation is crucial, as it sets the tone for appropriate attire.

Respect RSVP Deadlines:

Jackie emphasizes the importance of responding to the RSVP by the specified date or earlier.

By adhering to this deadline, guests show consideration for the couple’s planning and budget.

Late responses can disrupt arrangements and potentially result in unnecessary expenses for the bride and groom.

Honoring Guest Commitments:

When guests confirm their attendance, they should make every effort to uphold their commitment.

Last-minute cancellations should be avoided unless circumstances make it unavoidable.


Jackie highlights the need to respect the couple’s wishes when it comes to the involvement of children.

If children are not included on the guest list, it is crucial to honor that decision, even if it poses challenges or feels unfair.

Gift-Giving Etiquette:

Guests should never arrive empty-handed, although the value of the gift is not the primary focus.

Jackie encourages thoughtful gestures, such as bringing a small token or a heartfelt handwritten letter.

While financial constraints may limit the ability to provide a lavish gift, it is the sentiment behind the gesture that truly matters.

Seating Assignments and Toasts:

Jackie advises guests to adhere to assigned seating arrangements, as they are carefully planned for specific reasons.


Moving seats without permission may disrupt the dynamics of the event.

Additionally, when it comes to toasts and speeches, guests should avoid sharing embarrassing stories about the couple.

Instead, the focus should be on uplifting and positive anecdotes that celebrate the newlyweds.

Maintaining a Positive Attitude:

The final rule highlighted by Jackie is the importance of attending the wedding with a positive attitude, kindness, and courtesy.

Negativity, regardless of the reason, can dampen the atmosphere and affect the overall experience for everyone involved.

If a guest feels they cannot maintain a positive mindset, it is better to graciously decline the invitation.



Jackie Vernon-Thompson’s expertise provides valuable insights into the proper behavior and etiquette for wedding guests.

By following her guidance, guests can ensure they contribute to a joyful and harmonious celebration.

Respecting the couple’s wishes, responding promptly, and approaching the event with a positive attitude are key to being a considerate and valued guest.


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