Public Reacts to Police’s Update on Mohbad’s Autopsy

Public Reacts to Police’s Update on Mohbad’s Autopsy

Reactions Emerge Over Police Statement on Mohbad’s Autopsy

The Nigeria Police Force’s recent statement regarding the autopsy of late rapper and singer Mohbad has sparked various reactions from the public.

The police provided updates on the autopsy process, emphasizing transparency and the involvement of family members.

Police Statement on Autopsy

In a statement posted on its X (formerly Twitter) platform page, the police affirmed that the autopsy had been promptly carried out by highly qualified forensic pathologists in the presence of the late singer’s family members.

They sought to dispel rumors suggesting foul play and manipulation of the process, urging the public to maintain confidence in the ongoing investigation.

Public’s Demand for Transparency

Following the police’s update, social media users expressed their concerns and demands for transparency.

Many called for the police to ensure that the results of the autopsy are disclosed in a clear and unbiased manner, allowing justice to prevail.

Doubts and Skepticism

Some netizens questioned the timing and intentions behind the police’s announcement, raising doubts about the authenticity of the process and its potential impact on the case.

Skepticism regarding the transparency of the investigation was evident among the public.

Need for Credibility:

Several individuals emphasized the importance of credibility in the handling of such cases, suggesting that excessive drama and public statements might not be necessary if the authorities are genuinely committed to doing the right thing.


The public’s reactions to the police statement highlight the significance of transparency and credibility in the ongoing investigation into Mohbad’s case.

As the results of the autopsy are awaited, there is a collective demand for justice and fairness in the process.

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