VIDEO: Five wounded in Braamfontein in recent gas EXPLOSION

Multiple Injuries Result from Another Braamfontein Gas Explosion

On a Tuesday afternoon, Braamfontein bore witness to yet another gas explosion that left five individuals injured. The incident unfolded during maintenance work on a pipeline located at the intersection of Bertha and De Korte streets. Notably, the maintenance work was being carried out by employees of Egoli Gas, a gas supplier in the region. The outcome of this explosion led to severe consequences, including the ignition of the company’s truck and damage to a portion of an adjacent building.

Egoli Gas Workers Involved in the Explosion

Reports concerning the incident revealed that the explosion occurred while Egoli Gas employees were engaged in routine maintenance tasks on the aforementioned pipeline. The precise cause of the explosion remained under investigation at the time of the incident. The immediate aftermath of the explosion prompted swift action to address the situation and provide medical assistance to the injured parties. Joburg Emergency Medical Services (EMS) spokesperson, Nana Radebe, confirmed that five individuals sustained injuries and were transported to various medical facilities throughout the city. The authorities were in the process of suppressing the fire and had plans for a comprehensive investigation to determine the root cause of the explosion.

A String of Explosions in Johannesburg

This incident marked the third explosion within Johannesburg in a span of two months, signaling a concerning trend of such occurrences in the region:

  1. On July 20, 2023, an explosion in Braam Fischerville, Soweto, claimed one life. The explosion was attributed to dynamite connected to a vehicle battery, and it transpired at a private residence.
  2. On July 19, 2023, a significant explosion unfolded in the Johannesburg Central Business District (CBD), resulting in one fatality and 48 injuries. The explosive force was so intense that it caused the main road to rupture, toppling several vehicles.

City’s Commitment to Investigation and Safety Measures

In light of these alarming incidents, the City of Johannesburg has been actively pursuing investigations into their causes and implementing safety measures. City Manager Floyd Brink disclosed that the City had already invested R4 million in procuring the services of experts to investigate the Johannesburg CBD explosion. Furthermore, they estimated an expenditure exceeding R100 million for the necessary repairs. Brink emphasized the importance of transparency and accountability in addressing these issues. The City’s response has included the enhancement of tunnel designs based on current international codes to minimize the risk and severity of future explosions