Shocking Scene: Group of Thieves Raid FedEx Trailer in Memphis Traffic Jam

In a startling incident captured on video, a mob of around 40 people descended on a 53-foot FedEx trailer in Memphis, Tennessee, looting it while it was halted at a red light.

The dramatic event unfolded around 8:30 pm on Saturday at the intersection of Riverport Road and West Mallory Avenue, resulting in nearly $10,000 in damages.

The Brazen Heist

As the FedEx truck sat in traffic, a group of men blocked the intersection, breaking open the sealed back door of the trailer.

The looters ransacked the vehicle, causing chaos and stealing various items, including Kicker Speakers, a box of air liners, and three DirectTV cable boxes. The reckless act left a trail of damaged boxes strewn across the road.

Video Footage Reveals Chaos

Video footage of the theft captures the audacious scene, with the large group grabbing random packages from the partially open back door.

Brown boxes piled on top of each other were swiftly stolen, some looters taking multiple packages at a time. As they ran away, merchandise fell to the ground, creating a surreal scene amid the traffic jam.

Thieves’ Persistence

Despite the truck driver’s attempts to move forward, the looters continued to take items from the truck. The thieves, with hooded or covered faces, managed to break through the truck’s safety latch, utilizing an unknown tool for their brazen act.

Swift Detainment of Suspects

Swift action by security guards at Breezy Point Apartments led to the detainment of three suspects in a white Chevrolet.

The security guards, during a lockdown at the apartment complex, noticed the men in the vehicle, which smelled of marijuana. The detained individuals confessed to taking items from the FedEx truck, leading to their arrest.

Commissioner’s Personal Account

County Commissioner Charlie Caswell shared a personal account of the chaos, revealing that his daughter was caught in the tumultuous situation.

She was trailed through Frayser to Raleigh, encountering aggression from individuals attempting to pull her out of her car. Caswell highlighted that a majority of those involved were youths from the Frayser and Raleigh area.

FedEx’s Response

FedEx responded to the incident, emphasizing the safety of their team members and the security of customer shipments as top priorities. The company expressed gratitude that there were no serious injuries and pledged full cooperation with investigating authorities.

Similar Incidents

This news follows a recent incident where an Amazon delivery truck was looted by approximately six young thieves in Atlanta, Georgia. The thieves seized the opportunity when the driver left the truck door wide open, highlighting the vulnerability of delivery personnel to such criminal activities.

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