Thieves Raid Man City Star Grealish’s New Mansion, Escape with £1M in Jewellery as Family Watches Match

Break-In at Grealish’s Mansion

Reports surfaced of a burglary at Jack Grealish’s residence, resulting in the theft of jewellery valued at £1 million. The incident occurred while the Manchester City winger was engaged in a match against Everton.

Family members present during the theft activated panic buttons upon hearing suspicious noises upstairs.

Chaos and Escape During the Raid

Ten relatives, including Grealish’s fiancée, parents, siblings, and brother, were reportedly watching the game when they were alerted by noises within the mansion.

The family, unfamiliar with the property as it was recently occupied, sought refuge and security assistance after the break-in.

Police Response and Stolen Valuables

Law enforcement swiftly responded, deploying a helicopter for an aerial search, but the burglars managed to abscond with the jewellery.

Despite the panic and alarm raised, fortunately, no injuries were reported among the family members.

Post-Incident Game Behavior

Following Manchester City’s 3-1 victory over Everton, Grealish’s swift exit from the field caught attention, appearing unusual to onlookers.

The England international played the entire match, contributing to City’s win amid the unfortunate off-field incident.

Previous Similar Incidents

This burglary follows a recent case involving West Ham’s Kurt Zouma, where armed intruders raided his home, causing distress to Zouma, his wife, and children.

The incident prompted a warning from authorities amid concerns about potential further attacks by organized crime groups.

Club Support and Community Response

West Ham United offered a £25,000 reward for information leading to the capture and prosecution of the burglars responsible for the raid on Zouma’s residence.

The club expressed support for Zouma’s family and condemned the traumatic experience faced by the defender and his household.

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