Dr. Phil Challenges Gender Affirming Care, Highlights Concerns About Pushing Transgenderism on Children

In a recent conversation with Joe Rogan, renowned psychologist and television personality Dr. Phil took a stance against what he referred to as “gender affirming care.”

While acknowledging the choice of terminology, he pointed out that the practices in question involve hormonal therapy and s*x reassignment surgery on children.

Challenging the Narrative

Dr. Phil expressed concern about the immediate labeling of individuals as transphobic when questioning these practices.

He emphasized the need for open discussions on the topic without stifling dissenting opinions.

Age-Related Decision-Making

Highlighting the potential consequences, Dr. Phil raised questions about the long-term impacts of allowing children as young as 10 or 11 to make decisions about hormonal therapy or s*x reassignment surgery.

He drew attention to the fact that children at such ages may struggle with decisions as simple as choosing pajamas, raising doubts about their ability to make irreversible choices.

Addressing Mental Health Concerns

While proponents argue that such interventions can mitigate the risk of suicide, Dr. Phil challenged this notion.

He emphasized that even if these measures are taken, they do not necessarily address the underlying causes of mental health struggles or the claimed suicide epidemic among transgender individuals.

Advocating for Open Dialogue

Dr. Phil’s remarks underscore the importance of fostering open dialogue and critical discussions around the complex issue of gender affirming care for children.

His perspective adds to the ongoing debate surrounding the best approaches to support transgender individuals while considering the potential long-term consequences, especially when it involves minors.

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