Vibrant Blend of Styles: Davido’s Afrobeats and Latto’s Rap Shine in ‘Unavailable Remix’ Lyrics


The release of the “Unavailable Remix” has sent shockwaves through the music world, marking an extraordinary collaboration between Nigerian Afrobeats sensation Davido and American rapper Latto.

Originally a standout track on Davido’s fourth studio album, titled “Timeless,” this remix has become one of the most highly anticipated releases of the year.

The Vibrant Lyrics:

A Fusion of Styles in the Lyrics of “Unavailable Remix”

The lyrics of the “Unavailable Remix” harmoniously blend Davido’s distinctive Afrobeats style with Latto’s bold American rap finesse.

Davido’s verses, enriched with his Nigerian heritage, encompass a mix of English and Pidgin, Nigeria’s creole language.


On the flip side, Latto injects her self-assured and assertive rap flair into the mix.

The lyrics are infectious and resonate with themes of autonomy, self-assuredness, and resistance, as echoed by the recurring line “I’m unavailable,” a powerful declaration of self-confidence.

A Landmark Collaboration:

A Bold Step in Musical Unity

This collaboration marks a significant stride in the music industry, signifying the increasing amalgamation of Afrobeats with diverse genres.

The alliance of Davido, a prominent figure in the Afrobeats realm, with Latto, an emerging luminary in the American rap arena, serves as a bridge between two distinct musical worlds.


It unequivocally underscores the global allure of Afrobeats and its ability to seamlessly fuse with an array of musical styles.

The Art of Production:

Crafting Sonic Excellence

Helmed by the production prowess of Magicsticks and Rage, the remix preserves the lively amapiano influences of the original while incorporating fresh elements courtesy of Latto’s rap verses.

The production showcases top-tier quality, a testament to Davido’s history of collaboration with skilled producers.

It ingeniously melds the unique musical personas of both artists.


Constructive Critique:

Balancing Innovation with Authenticity

While the collaboration is exhilarating and embodies a significant stride towards globalizing Afrobeats, it might face critique for potentially diluting the authentic Nigerian essence for which Davido is renowned.

The inclusion of an American rapper could potentially shift the song’s identity toward a Western sound, deviating from Afrobeats’ roots.

Furthermore, while the lyrics are captivating, they might lack profound exploration of substantive themes, potentially leaving listeners yearning for more depth beneath the lively beats.

Resounding Impact and Reception:

A Resonating Impact Across the Board


Since its debut, the “Unavailable Remix” has garnered widespread applause, captivating fans, fellow artists, and even celebrities who have engaged in challenges inspired by the track.

British songwriter and performer Rita Ora, for instance, partook in the trend, participating in the challenge on TikTok.

With the remix, this wave of engagement has not only persisted but has soared to new heights, fueled by the allure of Latto’s verses and her broader audience reach.

Closing Reflections:

A Multifaceted Statement

The “Unavailable Remix” transcends mere musicality; it’s a proclamation about the evolving nature of Afrobeats and its burgeoning sway on the global stage.


As Davido and Latto unite for this remix, they’re not merely crafting a potential chart-topper but also contributing to an ongoing discourse regarding Afrobeats’ trajectory in a worldwide context.

This collaboration serves as a vivid indicator of the genre’s expansive reach and its potential to continuously shatter barriers within the music industry.

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