Davido and Latto Drop Highly Anticipated Remix of “Unavailable”

Davido and Latto Drop Highly Anticipated Remix of “Unavailable”


The music world is buzzing with excitement as Nigerian Afrobeat sensation Davido and American rapper Latto have officially released the remix of their chart-topping hit “Unavailable.”

This collaboration, which has been eagerly awaited throughout the year, made its debut on Friday, August 18, 2023, and has already ignited a frenzy on social media and streaming platforms.

Origins and Background

Davido, a prominent figure in the Afrobeat scene, initially introduced “Unavailable” on his fourth studio album titled “Timeless.”

The album achieved remarkable success, accumulating over a billion streams across major music platforms.

The original version of the track was a joint effort with Musa Keys, and now, with the addition of Latto’s participation, this remix is poised to elevate the song to unprecedented heights.


Latto, recognized for her dynamic rap flow and lyrical prowess, has been making significant waves in the U.S. music landscape.

This collaboration signifies a pivotal milestone in her burgeoning international career, aligning her with one of Africa’s most celebrated musical talents.

A Fresh and Vibrant Rendition

The remix goes beyond a mere reiteration of the original; it presents a vibrant and fresh interpretation of the song.

Latto’s verses inject a new layer of depth and energy, blending seamlessly with Davido’s melodic Afrobeat rhythms.

The fusion of their distinct musical styles creates a one-of-a-kind sound that captivates and ensnares the audience.


Anticipation and Promotion

The days leading up to the release were marked by an eruption of excitement across social media platforms, as both Davido and Latto utilized their online presence to tease the collaboration.

Engaging videos from Davido and behind-the-scenes glimpses from Latto served to heighten the anticipation.

Their playful and charismatic interactions, evident in both the promotional materials and the song itself, underscore a genuine musical synergy between these two remarkable artists.

Global Embrace and Potential Anthem

The appeal of “Unavailable” has reached a global scale, with British songwriter and performer Rita Ora taking part in a TikTok challenge inspired by the track.

Participation from international celebrities like Rita Ora highlights the song’s widespread popularity and its potential to become a global anthem.


A Testament to Cross-Cultural Collaboration

As “Unavailable” continues its ascent on music charts and dominates playlists worldwide, the collaboration between Davido and Latto serves as a testament to the remarkable influence of cross-cultural musical partnerships.

This fusion also emphasizes the ever-expanding global impact of Afrobeat music.

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